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Repair emergency breakdowns without breaking the bank

There is a way to quickly fix your heating, boiler, water heater, appliances and other electricity or gas problems. In just 3 hours and without paying anything at that time.

Although not as inevitable as the law of gravity, Murphy's law hits hard and at the least appropriate time. Things break. You get soapy and… there is no hot water. You don't panic because you know you have a solution, but you also know that it will be expensive.

However, there are ways to repair an urgent breakdown without paying too much. In fact, you can do so without paying anything at the time and as part of a service that protects you throughout the year.


Endesa breakdowns

We are ready to help you in any situation: when in doubt, contact us to repair an Endesa fault, for an urgent breakdown or for a supply cut.

Next, we give you an answer depending on the type of breakdown and supply that you need to repair.


Electricity problems?

It is fashionable to pretend to be horrified when remembering what our life was like before there was Internet, but can you imagine what it was like to live without electricity? It is not prehistory, it is “only” 100 years ago that an electricity supply began to be commonplace in Spanish cities.

The problem comes when you jump back 100 years in just one second. The time it takes for the power to go off. Most power cuts have to do with the distribution company and that is who you will have to contact if there is no electricity in the rest of your building or on your street.

But sometimes the breakdown may only affect your home. An infallible way to check is to see if your building's staircase light works, for example, if you live in a flat or apartment. Or ask a neighbour directly.

When it is just you who has no power, the distribution company will not be able to do anything and you will have to urgently call an electrician. It doesn't sound cheap because it isn't. If we limit ourselves to reasonable figures, we are talking about 20 euros for the call-out and about 40 euros for each hour of work, although these prices can skyrocket depending on the day and time you call.

There is a much more reasonable solution. Subscribe to a service like OKLuz Assist .

  • If you have an electrical system emergency, a professional will arrive at your home in less than 3 hours .
  • Both the call-out and the first 3 hours of labour are free (it is very rare that repairs last longer).
  • Unlimited number of repairs to your home's electrical system.
  • It's available every day of the year and every hour of the day, with a free number that is never off: 900 85 86 85.
  • It also includes one repair per year of a white goods appliance and two electrical handyman services (change of plugs or switches, installation of lamps etc.).


Heating and hot water problems?

When it comes to heating, Murphy's law applies along with a much simpler rule: you only realise that something has broken when you need it. The mystery of why the heating always breaks when it is colder is solved.

If you have a boiler or heater, it is likely that if the weather is really cold the situation is so urgent as to force you to leave your house if it is not fixed soon. Nobody wants to spend the night in a bedroom where it is less than 10 degrees or shower with icy water.

On these occasions, and no matter how much of a hurry you're in, you shouldn't open the door to the first person who offers. It’s not only because of the money, but also and above all because you cannot leave your boiler or your heater in the hands of just anyone. That is why the solution is a maintenance service like OKGas  or OKGas Calentador:

  • Professionals accredited by Endesa.
  • They’ll knock on your door in a maximum of 3 hours.
  • The call-out charge and the first three hours of labour are covered.
  • Unlimited repairs. If the boiler breaks three times a year, it is repaired three times a year.
  • Every day of the year, at any time.


Need to replace a plug or switch?

In theory, it's the serious breakdowns that put you in trouble. But is this the case in practice? What happens when it's not serious? The typical tasks that we all say we know how to do but have never done. It's one thing to promise that you will install that new lamp and another thing to do it and see that you lose the entire afternoon.

In theory it's easy, of course, but in practice, how do you make it hang straight and without showing the cables? What will you do when you find that you don't have time? Or worse, when you start working and discover that you are not capable. Are you going to pay an electrician just for that? Will you call your brother-in-law to see if he will do you a favour?

Let's be realistic. The best thing that can happen to you is to forget about the botches and have the professionals take care of it. If you are lucky enough to have signed up for a service like OKLuz Assist:

  • Install lamps.
  • Change plugs or switches.
  • Change bulbs and spotlights.
  • Change doorbells.


What to do when an appliance breaks

You live surrounded by appliances that can fail: the fridge, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the oven, the ceramic hob... Just as it seems magic when they work, it will be witchcraft when one day they don't. What do you do when one of these appliances breaks? You can call an emergency technician, risking putting yourself in the hands of a professional you know nothing about and who sometimes charges up to 100 euros just to get to your home.

Or you can sign up for a service like OKLuz Assist:

  • One repair per year with the only condition that the appliance is one of your white goods: washing machine, dryer, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, hood, oven, ceramic hob or electric stove.
  • For a service that also includes repairs to your home's electrical system and two electrical handyman services.
“Repairing just one simple breakdown a year will be more expensive than the cost of a service like OKLuz Assist or OKGas.”
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