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How to find the best electricity rate?

Are you thinking of changing your electricity rate but you don't know which to choose? There's plenty of fish in the sea—this is what you have to do to find your perfect rate.

Rates are changing. All of them. For your mobile phone, websites and pay TV, for food deliveries, and on and on. You no longer have to adapt to your rates. Now your rates have to adapt to you.

Finding an electricity rate that suits you can be like looking for love. Sometimes it just falls from the sky, other times there’s no way to find it. It's not me, it's you. It's not you, it's your mother. It's not us, it's the system.

Okay, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but which rate do I choose? How much power do I contract? How many kWh do I consume per year? Just a moment: What is my current rate? All these questions will bring you closer and closer to that decision, and we want you to choose your most optimal electricity rate.

We help you find your perfect energy partner. 


Resolving preliminary issues

At the beginning of the relationship, everything can go pear-shaped because you don’t know how to answer a series of basic questions:

  • How much power should I have? In this other post we explain everything you need to know about the power that is best suited to you. From what power you need, to what electrical power really is. All the answers in one place.
  • How many kWh do I usually consume per year? Knowing this is as easy as being an Endesa customer and registering on the website. If you have already registered, you only have to access your Private Area with your personal username and password, and check how much you have consumed every year, every month, every day, every hour! We have all the information at your service and we show you the information in an easy, quick and convenient way so that you can understand it and make better decisions.
  • What is my current rate? To find out, you just have to understand your electricity bill. It sounds difficult, but we only ask for 90 seconds of your time to help you see the light with this video. You can also find out what your electricity rate is by entering your Endesa customer area. You have all the information you need at your disposal.

Once you are clear about the type of rate that is most optimal for you, you can start to fall in love. We show you our electricity rates au naturel, without filters and totally adapted to you. Which one is yours?







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The most digital romance: One Luz

Don't beat around the bush, you can't stand paperwork and you're as allergic to queues as you are to the music that plays when your call is put on hold. You want things to be simple and quick, very quick. You want it all online.

If you recognise yourself in this description, One Luz is made for you.

It's so cheap that you don't need to get confused calculating discounts. The electricity rate that gets to the point: 100% digital so that you can carry out all your transactions at any time and from anywhere. No more talking to telemarketers, now the world works with just a click.

And you don't have to complicate yourself thinking about the time of day you consume more or less, because the price is always the same

No catch, no obligation to stay or penalties. 

A serial one-night stand: One Luz Nocturna

You recognise yourself in the One Luz profile, but you have a peculiarity: you live at night.

That's why we offer One Luz Nocturna, with time discrimination that will allow you to consume stress-free from ten at night to twelve noon (from eleven at night to one p.m. in the summer).

The most active people during the last hours of the day and throughout the night (which is young) can benefit from the great business that One Luz Nocturna represents, which maintains all the advantages of One Luz, but adds time discrimination.

Love a la carte: Happy

You are clear about how much energy you consume and the time of day you consume it. It’s so clear to you that it bothers you to be forced to conform to a certain time slot. You are you and your circumstances... and if your partner doesn’t understand you, they can go back to where they came from.

Don't worry, the optimal rate in this case is Tempo Happy and it lets you choose between 3 different modes of freedom:

  • Choose 2 hours each day when you will not pay for the energy consumed.
  • Choose 1 day a week when you will not pay for the energy consumed.
  • Choose not to pay for energy in the 50 peak consumption hours per month.

In addition, you can change the modes whenever you want, or move those hours (or that day) when your circumstances change. This rate listens to you, understands you and if you do well (20% of your consumption during Happy hours) you will save every day of your life.

And what about the rest of the hours? Are they sad hours when there is no love? Not at all: these hours have less passion, but have a stable price and no surprises

And just like in any healthy relationship, there are no ties: there is no commitment to stay

“You should get along with your electricity rate: it’s with you 24 hours, 365 days a year.”

A stable relationship: Única by Endesa

The peace of mind of it being much more than a flat rate (LINK. It is clear that you do not want to tie yourself down to any particular time nor be tied into a never ending relationship. You want stability and security, that's why you choose Única.

With Única by Endesa, you will never have any unexpected surprises and will always pay the same amount. Simple as that.

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