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You already know that Endesa Única is much more than a flat rate tariff. The contract is yearly and every month you pay a customised fixed quota, calculated according to your consumption history. 

But what happens if your consumption skyrockets? Transparency: we adjust to your real needs. If you use more electricity and/or gas than we had estimated in the calculation, we will not charge you more that month. This is what makes Endesa Única a genuine flat rate tariff for electricity and/or gas.

What happens if your consumption increases alarmingly?

Endesa Única is committed to energy efficiency and you have what we call a Recompensas Plan, and this will reward your efforts to consume less. Anwhich consists of rewarding you if you make an effort to consume less. And ill be 100% sustainable.

But what if you suddenly start using much more electricity and/or gas than ever before? There is no need to worry, there will not be any surprises.

If your energy consumption is more than 30% higher than for the same period in the previous year, this is what will happen:

  1. We will contact you to recalculate your customised quota.
  2. This is not an adjustment of any kind. We are not going to penalise you in any way. We will only adjust to the reality and you will be given very clear information.
  3. You will be fully informed one month in advance and you can decide whether to accept your new quota or if you prefer to change to another tariff or another company (Única does not have a minimum duration).

What if you are not happy with your new customised quota?

If we recalculate your customised quota and you are not satisfied with the result, you can always choose another tariff. 

Endesa Única has no minimum duration and we are not going to penalise you in any way. We will offer you other options to save you money and ensure that you enjoy your energy with full freedom.


How is your customised monthly quota calculated?

Based on the 12 months prior to contracting Única, we estimate what your annual energy consumption will be. For example, imagine that the figure is 2000 kWh of electricity. This will be the basis of your fixed monthly quota. The energy you use may be up to 30% higher than this calculation, that is, 2,600 kWh of electricity.

If you exceed this wide margin, there will be no surprise bill but we will contact you to recalculate your fixed monthly quota.

It is important to bear in mind that there are concepts that we do not control and that could lead to updating your quota. For example:

  • Every year on 1 January there is an update in accordance with the value of the real CPI.
  • Regulatory changes: taxes, tolls, meter rentals, as well as other issues that would require a review of your fixed monthly quota.
  • Changes to contracted power: If you increase or decrease your contracted power we may need to update your fixed monthly quota.
  • Extra Services In certain cases, such as a repair that falls outside the contracted coverage or a price change, this could lead to a review of your fixed monthly quota.
  • Please remember that there are other amounts that the distributor may transfer and which will not be included in the quota, these include connection rights, extension, access, supervision, connection, verification, registration, deposits, etc., for contracting, transfer, extension or reduction of power in the electricity supply. Nor for new registration, compensation for poor distributor quality and the mandatory periodic inspection of the gas installation where a service including coverage for this is not contracted with Endesa.

Your contract with Endesa Única is annual, so every year we may recalculate your fixed quota to adjust it to your true energy consumption requirements.










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