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Recruitment Day: Endesa's initiative to incorporate the best young talent into the Flow Your Talent scholarship programme

Finding internships is one of the major concerns of every student. This is why Endesa organises Recruitment Days, an innovative selection process to attract and retain the best young talent.

Choosing a professional internship that enriches both training and professional experience is essential. Despite the fact that at the time of search a million doubts may arise about what type of internship to choose, students are aware that this opportunity is a key door to the labour market.

Getting to know companies from the inside, being part of a work team, acquiring new values, learning in different departments... Internships contribute so much, whether curricular or extracurricular activities, so making a good choice is one of the most important decisions in the career of any university student.

Over the past year, life has changed a lot for students. For example, most classes are now online and even though this is a generation that is adapting quickly to this format, it is still not very easy. The pandemic has also not helped much in the workplace since the market is currently under collapse. However, this does not mean that it is not possible to find internships, only that it may require more effort.

This is why companies need to make it easier and promote actions so that those who will be our workers in the future can gain experience and put into practice all the knowledge acquired throughout their undergraduate and master's studies. For example, Endesa offers Flow Your Talent scholarships and so they can be found, we launch initiatives like Recruitment Day, a process that is ideal under the current circumstances. 


What is the Endesa Recruitment Day?

Recruitment Day is an event that is part of the selection processes for attracting talent that have been developed within the company. It has a global scope, since it is held in each of the countries where Enel Group has a presence.

The main objective of this initiative is to attract the best young talent, so that, after their training, they can then join the company. For this to happen, students are given first-hand experience of an innovative selection process, where they will not only be able to show their full potential in an environment of confidence and spontaneity, but they will also have the opportunity to develop and learn new techniques and tools that give them with greater security when it comes to facing the challenge of starting their professional career.

In addition to giving students an opportunity to experience the world of work by working in a high-level company, another of the objectives pursued by Endesa with Recruitment Day is to promote gender diversity, by encouraging the presence of women with STEM profiles within the company. In 2021, a total of 10 Recruitment Days have been held that have had almost 100 participants from all the provinces in Spain and of these, 58% have been women. One example is Sandra Frías, who is currently training in the area of Solar Maintenance and Technical Services: "Some time ago I participated in a Recruitment Day, a selection process that was different, entertaining and enjoyable.  That day thankfully opened the doors for me, so today I am lucky to be part of the Endesa team and learning in a sector that I am passionate about." 

“Recruitment Day thankfully opened the doors for me, so today I am lucky to be part of the Endesa team and learning in a sector that I am passionate about”.

– Sandra Frías of Solar Maintenance and Technical Services in Endesa.

The plan for 2021 includes about 200 scholarships and they are distributed among all the business lines. Even though STEM degrees prevail, mainly in engineering, other profiles are also required, including Marketing, Communication, Finance, Economics and Law. 


What does Recruitment Day work?

Recruitment Days are currently held in an online format and last 4 hours. They involve us inviting between 10 and 12 candidates who have completed their degree and have been assessed as having potential, as well as the right attitudes and aptitudes to be part of the scholarship plan.

During these four hours, we explain in detail what Endesa is, what Enel is, who we are, the projects we have in progress and what our purpose and values are, as well as putting them to the test to demonstrate their talent through both individual tests and teamwork. The students also receive training on tools and get experience that will help them develop so as to meet the challenges of the current labour market.

According to Javier Gironés Pérez, on a Technology Value Optimisation scholarship at Enel Green Power, it is a whole morning in which you have the opportunity to work as a team, learn from other colleagues and get to know more about a major company in the energy sector like Endesa.
"Today, thanks in part to what I learned that day, I have the opportunity to access one of the scholarships they offer and train in something that I like", he adds. 

“Thanks in part to what I learned that day, I have the opportunity to access one of the scholarships they offer and train in something that I like”.

– Javier Gironés Pérez, on a Technology Value Optimisation scholarship at Enel Green Power.

After the event, the Endesa Talent Attraction team takes some time to give them personal feedback on their performance on Recruitment Day. Their strengths and areas of improvement are analysed, and they are given advice to enhance their employability.

The next events are already being prepared and, while taking the rest of the business lines into consideration, they are largely geared towards the needs that I&N is going to start publishing and that will involve a total of 75 scholarships. Also, if you are interested in starting an internship, you can check out all of our programmes here.

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