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Electric mobility to preserve our islands

The electric car is a viable alternative for mobility on the Spanish islands. Its majority implementation in the Balearic and Canary Islands would have advantages for residents and tourists and would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 40% and 50% on these territories.

The Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands are custodians of the most unique corners of our country, and visiting them often turns into a magical experience. Discover the coves of Menorca, go to Mallorca to enjoy a day of hiking in Puerto de Sóller, visit Tenerife and see Mount Teide and the volcanic beaches of Puerto de la Cruz, discover the Isla de Lobos nature reserve on Fuerteventura... there are countless possibilities for enjoying its unique settings both for its inhabitants and for the millions of tourists who visit them every year.

To preserve this natural wealth, it is necessary to achieve a sustainable economic model on the islands, which promotes responsible tourism and favours the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the report ‘Non-peninsular Territories 100% decarbonised in 2040: the vanguard of the energy transition in Spain’, carried out by Deloitte in collaboration with Endesa, transport produces between 40% and 50% of the emissions on these territories, this is why electric mobility  is a key element in moving forward to decarbonisation.

“Mobility is responsible for more than 40% of CO2 emissions on the islands, so a firm commitment to electric mobility is key to achieving the decarbonisation goal”

Pablo Casado Reboiro, General Director of Endesa on the Canary Islands.

The special characteristics of the islands make them ideal terrain for extending the use of electric cars, both due to their inhabitants and the tourists arriving by air or sea. Current electric models have sufficient autonomy to travel all over them and, in addition, the cost of vehicles is lower than in the peninsula, both in the Canary Islands (25-30% less) and in the Balearic Islands (10% less).

“Sustainable tourism must respect the environment and to travel consciously, mobility must be taken into account.” This is highlighted by Ricard Puiggros, director of business development for electric vehicles at Proa Renting, a company whose fleet has embraced electric mobility on the island territories. Puiggros argues that a rented electric vehicle benefits both tourists and residents because it contributes to maintaining the environment in the best conditions for living there and also for visiting and enjoying the islands’ appeal.

“The tourist who bets on the electric vehicle not only contributes to improving the environment but also obtains benefits such as discounts in parking areas or greater mobility when there are traffic restrictions”

 Ricard Puiggros, director of business development for electric vehicles at Proa Renting.

Charging point at the El Cubillo gas station in Telde (Las Palmas).

We extend the network of charging points

At Endesa, we have been committed to electric mobility for years and disseminating its benefits on the islands through different projects for all citizens. Did you know that the Balearic Islands were a pioneer territory in this type of environmentally responsible initiative? There, we installed the first charging point for electric cars to promote emission-free mobility.

One of the first initiatives that we launched on the Balearic Islands was the creation in 2015 of the ecaR programme, the Fast Auto Charging Club for electric cars. We implemented a network of fast charging points that showed that it was possible to drive around the entirety of Mallorca and Ibiza by electric car, with the peace of mind of knowing that your battery was not going to go flat.

“Since we created ecaR, we have not stopped advancing in the implementation of charging points and that is why we are going to end 2020 with more than a hundred charging points on the Balearic Islands for residents and tourists”

Martín Ribas, General Manager of Endesa on the Balearic Islands.

This project has grown and now these charging points are part of the infrastructure network that Endesa X is implementing, both on the islands and throughout the national territory. We have already reached 42 installed points on the Balearic Islands, with 27 on Mallorca, 7 on Ibiza and 8 on Menorca. On the Canary Islands, we have 12 points: 6 on Gran Canaria, 3 on Fuerteventura, 1 on Lanzarote and 2 on Tenerife.

Our development plan for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles foresees having a total of 2,000 public access charging points installed throughout the country by 2020 so that drivers always have one of our chargers within a distance of less than 100 kilometres. In 2023, the goal is to expand that figure by 6,500 more points.

Fleet of electric vehicles on the Balearic Islands.
Fleet of electric vehicles on the Balearic Islands.

We promote sustainable mobility within the company

Promoting sustainable mobility is a priority for us, as it is also within the company itself. We know that to achieve a more responsible model we must move forward together and that is why we work to promote this philosophy within the company.

Through the e-Movement, our programme to promote sustainable mobility, we encourage the rational and safe use of transport by employees and promote electric mobility. We do this through flexible hours, the promotion of means of transport other than private vehicles and the promotion of the electric vehicle for employees with our electric mobility plan for employees (PMEE).

The programme also includes the implementation of charging infrastructure at work centres and the electrification of our fleet of vehicles. By the end of 2021, we will have electrified half of our operational, commercial and representation fleet.

We disclose the advantages of the electric vehicle

According to the Deloitte report, in the next five years most of the passenger cars sold on the islands, Ceuta and Melilla will continue to be conventional combustion vehicles. To accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility, it is necessary to publicise the advantages of electric vehicles. That is why we promote initiatives that make these advantages visible:

  • Vuelta a España by Electric Vehicle: throughout the two editions of the Vuelta we have made 24 routes through Spain by electric car to bring electric mobility to all corners of the country, with destinations such as Lanzarote and Mallorca.
  • Endesa X e-Challenge: in order to clear up some of the most common user doubts regarding electric cars, we decided to set ourselves a challenge: to travel around all the provinces of the peninsula by electric car in seven days. Starting on Mallorca, the drivers travelled more than 7,000 km to demonstrate that today electric mobility is a viable alternative.
Tour por Mallorca en la etapa 9 de la #eVuelta

At Endesa, we will continue working to contribute to the change to sustainable mobility which allows us to make progress towards a decarbonised energy model on the islands and in the rest of the country. But to achieve this change in model, the support of the administrations is essential, according to the Deloitte report.

It is necessary to develop mobility plans adapted to each territory including specific objectives so that electric vehicles gain a foothold, as well as to promote electric mobility in passenger transport and provide fiscal facilities that allow the replacement of the current fleet with more efficient cars.

Together we will be able to preserve the beauty of our country’s unique settings.

And you, are you signing up to try sustainable transport on the islands?

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