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Trees against climate change

The Endesa Forest was created with the objective of reforesting and restoring burned land by planting native species that contribute to reducing CO2.

Respect for the natural environment and the conservation of biodiversity in the areas where we perform our activity has always been one of our main concerns. Proof of this commitment is the “La Atalaya Endesa Wood”, focused on the ecological forest rehabilitation of land affected by forest fires by means of direct seeding techniques and the planting of indigenous forest species.  

This is the first forest rehabilitation programme within the Spanish energy sector to be included in the National Registry of Carbon Footprint, Offsetting and Carbon Dioxide Absorption projects at the Spanish Climate Change Office [Oficina Española de Cambio Climático (OECC)] belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAMA) in its “sinks” section.

The fire, one of the largest and most destructive suffered by the Community of Madrid in its entire history, occurred in 2012 in the municipality of Valdemaqueda; almost 2,000 hectares burned, the “Santa Catalina” mountain being reduced to ashes and leaving several endangered species without their habitat, such as the Iberian imperial eagle, the black vulture and the black stork. 

In this light the “Endesa Wood” was born, with the aim of rehabilitating approximately 20 hectares, thus recovering the affected surroundings in the Valdemaqueda and Robledo area. This will be possible thanks to seeding techniques and the planting of indigenous forest species (such as holm oaks, stone pines, pyrenean oaks, ash, willow and arbutus or strawberry trees) so as to enable a guaranteed gradual recovery of the area as time passes. This procedure also helps create more complex forests that will provide refuge for a greater number of animal species.

 Land in recovery after have suffered a fire
“We want to contribute to the struggle against climate change, as with the planting of forests it’s possible to remove large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.”

The struggle against climate change

With this initiative we also intend to fight the desertification of our territory and at the same time revitalise the entire rural environment affected by the fire. We also want to contribute to the struggle against climate change, as with the planting of forests it is possible to remove large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. Thanks to the forest, the absorption of approximately 474 tons of CO2 is foreseen during its lifetime.

The project also has a social perspective, as for the field work we try to hire persons at risk of social exclusion, and always giving preference to those from the rural areas surrounding each project.


Ecosystem restoration 

In the replanting of the wood various forest species have been used (mixed woodland) to guarantee the future presence of more complex forests that will provide refuge for a greater number of animal species. On the other hand, the presence of different species gives rise to a forest that is better prepared against future fires, and as these include resprouting species, the natural restoration of the woodland is guaranteed.

With the “Endesa Wood” we want to go a step further in our commitment to the environment and sustainable development, fostering the preservation and sustainable use of natural resources. 


The “Endesa Wood” in figures 

  • Date project started: 1st January 2015
  • Location of the plantation: La Atalaya, Valdemaqueda (Community of Madrid)
  • Plantation surface area: 20.05 hectares
  • Total number of trees planted: 5,000: total of 4,000 units of Quercus ilex (holm oak), Pinus Pinea (stone pine), Quercus pirenaica (pyrenean oak), Fraxinus spp (ash), Salix spp (willow) and Arbutus unedo (strawberry tree).  Subsequently, these were supplemented by 500 units of Pinus pinea and 500 of Quercus ilex.
  • CO2 absorption foreseen: 474 tons 
  • Lifetime: 30 years
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