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A set of new technologies for energy efficiency

Smart grids

A set of new technologies for energy efficiency

Smart grids are a set of new technologies and functionalities that respond to the current needs of electricity distribution.

Smart grids are a set of new technologies and features that respond to current electricity distribution demands.

The grid that distributes electricity to consumers has been constantly evolving. Now, however, it is facing more ambitious challenges: achieving the energy targets set in Europe, improving energy efficiency, incorporating renewable energies and responding to environmental challenges, while involving citizens in this process.

Development of a smart grid requires harmonisation of the electricity industry and of communications and information systems. These systems and telecommunications must securely and efficiently ensure integration with all smart grid components:

  • Smart metering. 
  • Active demand management.
  • Distributed generation.
  • Automated grid management.
  • Development of e-mobility


Endesa is developing smart grid concepts in different e-mobility projects, through the development of smart metering and through participation in projects:

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Smartcity Malaga_ESP

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