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The circular economy

A circular economy for a sustainable economic model

At Endesa, we are committed to the circular economy as the basis for a new sustainable economic model through which we can preserve available resources while creating economic prosperity.

En Endesa somos conscientes de los retos relacionados con el desarrollo económico y la sostenibilidad ambiental que el planeta debe afrontar. Por eso apostamos por la economía circular como base de un nuevo modelo económico sostenible que promueva un uso más racional y eficiente de los recursos.

Integramos la economía circular a lo largo de toda la cadena de valor con un enfoque basado en:

  • Los recursos sostenibles (renovables, reutilizables y reciclables).
  • La maximización de la vida útil de bienes y productos y de su factor de uso.
  • La valorización de los activos al final de su ciclo de vida.

Desde el punto de vista de negocio, apostamos por el desarrollo de nuevos productos y servicios basados en cinco pilares de economía circular:

Our five pillars of the circular economy:

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Sustainable procurement

This is based on the use of renewable sources and reused or recycled material resources, to minimise the consumption of raw materials.

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Extending the useful life of products

We must act on the design of products to enable their repair, facilitate proper maintenance and, as a result, extend the useful life of assets and products.

Products as a service

This new model offers advantages over the previous one, such as improving product quality, maintenance and waste management.

Platforms for sharing

These are digital applications that enable the public to share assets with one other, increasing the time of use of goods and products.

New life cycles

Providing solutions to preserve the value of assets and products when they reach the end of their life and using them in new cycles, through reuse, regeneration or recycling.

Our commitment to the circular economy is reflected in the search for competitive solutions from an economic, environmental and social viewpoint:

  • Circular procurement: We have launched a programme to measure the data from the entire life cycle of supplies in order to coordinate a process that improves both internal and supplier performance.
  • Circular decarbonisation: Our Futur-e programme represents the union of sustainability and the economic model: an initiative to identify new alternative uses for thermal power station facilities that have ceased to operate.
  • Smart circular networks: They allow for the efficient integration of distributed generation based on renewable sources and the possibility for customers to become not only consumers but also electricity producers.
  • A circular economy for customers: Analysis of the degree of customer circularity using a five-level measurement model that serves as an instrument of transparency for our customers and reinforces the circularity of our offering.
  • e-Mobility: We are developing and marketing electric mobility solutions through Endesa X. We are investing in a network of electroline stations to serve all electric vehicle users and make charging easier with the JuicePass application.
  • Circulability Model: A project whose objective is the definition and implementation of effective KPIs for measuring, comparing and improving the circularity of projects and products.
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