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How are we bringing electric mobility to all citizens?

We are working to provide all electric vehicle drivers with access to a public or private charging point, depending on their needs.

Transportation is responsible for more than a quarter of Spain's greenhouse gas emissions. That is why it is so necessary to progress towards a global transformation of mobility for all users that will enable these emissions to be reduced and contribute to European environmental targets with regard to fighting climate change.

With a business line dedicated exclusively to electric mobility, Endesa X Way, aims to enable progress towards this new form of mobility and to electrify transport in Spain. Our goal is to extend the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and, at the same time, to meet all customer requirements, by developing advanced charging technologies and flexible solutions to improve the customer experience.

With the launch of Endesa X Way the aim is to strengthen our commitment to electric mobility and we will continue working on developing the charging infrastructure plan that we started three years ago to democratise the electric vehicle and overcome the initial barrier that recharging may entail.  At the end of 2021, Endesaa X Way already had more than 9,500 charging stations in both the public and private sectors and the objective is to reach 56,000 operational charging stations by the end of 2023 (public and private).


Public charging stations

Endesa X Way has the most extensive public access charging network in Spain, with more than 3,200 charging stations installed (data for June 2022). It is also one of the most powerful. 40% of the chargers are for more than 50 kW, equivalent to an average of 15% of the capacity of charging stations installed in Spain.

  • Cities (Metropolitan Urban Locations): More than 2,400 charging stations. The 50 provinces in Spain already have charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and over 150 cities in Spain with more than 35,000 inhabitants already have Endesa X Way chargers.  
  • Main Roads: There are nearly 500 charging stations on main roads.
  • Rural environment: More than 300 charging stations.


Ultra-fast charging

In 2021, Endesa X Way began the deployment of ultra-fast chargers with 150 KW and 350 KW and what is more, these deployment figures include 75 ultrafast chargers that were installed throughout last year in 25 locations all over Spain. These chargers have a power of 150 kW and 350 kW, which is currently the maximum available for vehicle charging.

The trend is for the preponderance of this type of chargers to grow in line with the automotive industry that is continually increasing the capacity of batteries. Our goal is also to create an extensive network of suitably located ultra-fast charging stations to make travel easier and eliminate the anxiety of vehicle autonomy.

In 2022, together with Eysa, we actually inaugurated the first ultra-fast electric service station in Spain, located at a crucial point in the Community of Madrid, where 46 electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously at the 20 ultrafast charging stations (150 kW) and the 26 semi-fast stations (up to 22kW).

The ultra-fast charging hubs of La Junquera (Girona) and Guarromán (Jaén) with Andamur have also come into operation.  And the result of this aim to promote the electrification of mobility is the collaboration of Endesa X Way with CEPSA, one of the main companies involved in mobility in Spain and Portugal, with a view to deploying a network of ultra-fast charging service stations in its service stations over the next few years.


Services adapted to customer lifestyles

The objective is for Endesa X Way to continue installing chargers with all the powers, adapting the charging speed to the uses required by customers and their lifestyles. Ultra-fast charging makes perfect sense when instant charging is required, more in line with the time it currently takes to refuel at a service station. But users will be able to recharge in numerous places, not only in ultra-fast charging service stations, and this means they will not also require high-speed charging.

As a result, in addition to ultra-fast and fast charging, Endesa X Way is investing in installations in hospitals, hotels, car parks, cinemas, restaurants, and shopping centres, where people stay for an average of more than two hours. In these cases, if only fast and ultra-fast charging were made available, we would be forcing customers to have to move their car when the charge is finished, or a worst case scenario would be that a high-power charger would be blocked by a vehicle parked for two hours in a shopping centre. 

Punto de recarga de Endesa X

Agreements to promote electric mobility

In the Endesa X Way charging infrastructure deployment plan, all usage habits and therefore charging powers are taken into account. The goal is to make the transition to electric mobility easier and this means meeting the recharging requirements of drivers wherever they need it and without having to modify their lifestyle.

This involves reaching agreements with different partners (so far with more than 900) such as health groups, supermarket chains, service stations and car parks that will enable us to make the charging stations more suitable for users:

  • In their homes and workplaces, but also, for example, when shopping at the supermarket or when they visit the doctor (Consum supermarkets and VITHAS hospitals)
  • When on holiday or during business travel and staying in hotels (agreement with Barceló, Palladium Group and AC Hotels) and during leisure time (agreement with Parques Reunidos and McDonalds)
  • When leaving a vehicle in a public car park (agreement with Parkia, SABA, IPark, and EYSA)

·       But it is also necessary on long journeys and Endesa X Way has spent a number of years working with different service station partners looking to make a proactive contribution to the project for the electrification of transport. This includes agreements with companies like CEEES, Andamur, GasExpress, etc., and this has enabled capillarity on the main roads, which will be strengthened by an alliance recently signed by Endesa X Way and CEPSA and which will jointly deploy the largest ultra-fast charging network in Spain.


Private charging stations

The vast majority of journeys made by Spanish drivers correspond to short-distance journeys (less than 50 km). To cover these routes, the best solution is private recharging.

Through Endesa X Way we are providing the installation of charging technology for individuals, companies, corporations and fleets. We offer solutions for all kinds of needs and customers, as well as charging in public spaces. Endesa X Way aims to further enhance the role of "facilitator" for all companies and private customers who decide to take a step in this direction. 

When a customer decides to buy an electric vehicle, it is natural to go to the dealership and leave there with everything done, with no need to worry about where they have to charge it. This is the same vision we share with manufacturers like Hyundai, KIA and Jaguar Land Rover with whom we have agreements to make a global offer right from the outset.

This philosophy has given rise to other solutions, such as ParkElectric, created together with SABA so that people who do not have a private garage can pay a single fee to rent a parking space which includes the recharging equipment for his/her exclusive use and with an amount of KWh per month equivalent to approximately 1,000 km.

We also offer OneElectric, a solution designed for corporate fleets launched together with Atlhon and whose model today we are also offering with other leasing companies such as ALD, to offer an all-inclusive service in a single instalment during the years when the fleet leasing contract is valid contract and, most importantly, with a single contact point, which is the leasing company.


Juice Pass, the application to manage recharging

To make charging even easier for electric vehicle drivers, we developed the JuicePass mobile application (available on iOS and Android), a smart solution that enables you to manage the recharging of electric vehicles at any time with just one click.

The JuicePass app enables individuals and companies to monitor and manage the progress of public, private and domestic charging, the status of charging stations and always to find the nearest Endesa X Way station thanks to a map. 

The app enables you to locate your nearest charger, book it and manage the recharges directly from your mobile phone, associating a credit card to pay your recharges directly from the app and also without having to be an Endesa customer. 

With JuicePass, the user not only has access to Endesa X Way's public access infrastructure, they also have access to the private infrastructure at their office or at home.

The global Juicepass recharging app can be used in Europe and Latin America and allows access to more than 90,000 charging stations available due to interoperability agreements.

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For more information, access the latest news on electric mobility.

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