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How are we bringing electric mobility to all citizens?

We are working to provide all electric vehicle drivers with access to a public or private charging point, depending on their needs.

One of the barriers to moving from internal combustion to electric mobility is the availability of charging points. To overcome this barrier, we have put in place an electric vehicle charging infrastructure development plan, a project that we are developing through our business line dedicated to offering value-added services and innovative technological solutions to our customers: Endesa X.

The goal of our charging infrastructure plan is to promote the democratisation of access to charging points, depending on the needs of the driver. We are working to reach the figure of 36,000 charging points (public and private) installed by 2022.

Private charging points: the vast majority of journeys made by Spanish drivers are over short distances (less than 50 km). To provide coverage for journeys of this type, the best solution is private charging.

Through Endesa X we are facilitating the installation of charging technology for both individuals and companies, corporations and fleets. With our comprehensive electric vehicle charging solution, it is possible to have a private charging point at home for less than €1 per day and enjoy a specially designed rate for electric vehicles that allows you to schedule overnight charging at no cost.

Supermercado con cargadores de Endesa

Public charging points: Endesa X is working on deploying public access charging infrastructure in two phases:

  • 2019-2020: the goal of this first phase is for electric vehicle drivers to be able to travel to anywhere in Spain without worrying about finding enough charging points. More than 2,000 charging points will be installed to cover 15,000 km of main roads and urban areas, ensuring that drivers can find a charging point a maximum of 100 km away. The charging points installed in this first phase will be of three types:

- Ultra-fast charge (350 kW): these will be placed mainly on major roads, charging enough power for 100 km in 3 minutes.

- Fast charge (50 kW). Mainly on roads outside urban areas. Charging enough power for 100 km in 20 minutes.

- Semi-fast charge (22 kW). Mainly in urban areas. Charging enough power for 100 km in 45 minutes.

  • 2021-2023: In the second phase of the Plan, we will be installing more than 6,500 new public access charging points (in shopping malls, parking lots, hotel chains, service areas, public roads, etc.) to support the growth of the electric vehicle market. The goal is to provide greater infrastructure coverage in urban areas and the main strategic communication nodes, including the islands.


To further facilitate charging for electric vehicle drivers, Endesa X has developed the Endesa X JuicePass mobile application (available on iOS and Android). With it, it is very simple to charge your vehicle: the app lets you locate the nearest charger, reserve it and manage all your charges directly from your mobile phone, by associating a credit card to pay for your charges directly from the app, and without needing to be an Endesa customer.

Punto de recarga de Endesa X

The goal of our electric mobility democratisation plan is to cover the charging needs of drivers wherever they require it and without having to change their habits. This is why we are reaching agreements with a variety of partners, such as health groups, supermarket chains, service stations and car parks, so as to bring charging points closer to users:

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