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Sustainability projects

Projects for the advancement of local communities

We encourage projects that will bring progress to the local environment of the places in which we operate.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable development goals

ODS 4: Quality education

ODS 7: Affordable and clean energy

ODS 8: Decent work and economic growth

ODS 15: Life on land

ODS 17: Partnerships for the goals

Our commitment to the development of the communities in which we operate forms part of our Creating Shared Value (CSV) policy, which takes into account local needs in order to make a positive impact on the environment. We apply this model to all sustainability projects in the different regions in which we are active and in every one of our business areas.

We have set up four clusters of community-impact projects that encompass access to energy, socio-economic development, education and community support. All of these add social value to our business activities, encouraging social advancement, facilitating access to electricity for the most vulnerable groups and providing a response to the needs of the main stakeholders.

Energy access projects

Without access to a basic good like energy, a society cannot develop and have well-being. In 2019, we invested €4.7 million in promoting initiatives that help to minimise economic barriers for vulnerable groups, offer education and training in the field of energy, ensure technological accessibility and promote energy efficiency. This is our way of contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 7.

The agreements signed against energy poverty are a good example, as 36,723 families benefited from them in 2019, in other words, an estimated 110,000 people. In addition, we sponsored the training of social services technicians in efficient energy consumption habits and bill optimisation. This educational work also included the renewable energies training programmes that were incorporated into the CSV plans of the newly built farms and professional training in the electricity sector for people at risk of exclusion.

Similarly, projects like ReluCe aim to facilitate access to energy by encouraging efficient consumption. In this case, an incentive is given to vulnerable families to consume electricity efficiently through the implementation of a charging system that can become an expense control mechanism. 

Community socio-economic development projects

As part of our commitment to the socio-economic development of the communities in which we operate, we contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 8 by supporting initiatives that can help their advancement by supporting, generating and creating a local economic fabric and programmes that promote employability and job creation.

In 2019 the company invested about €2.5 million in initiatives of this type, representing 20% of total investment, with the management of 48 projects (12 in 2018) that have benefited more than 133,000 people. The following initiatives stand out:

  • Capacítate Empleo (Train yourself for Work) Candelaria: an industrial employment programme in Candelaria, part of the plant's CSV plan. It is aimed at training participants in all the areas that will help them to meet the requirements and minimum qualifications needed to work in industrial facilities.
  • LED Compe10ces: focusing on young people with limited resources between the ages of 18 and 35, this programme, sponsored by the Endesa Foundation in collaboration with Youth Business International, offers students from all over Spain training in the 10 skills needed by a successful entrepreneur. Since its launch in 2016, the programme has led to the creation of 314 businesses and 513 jobs.
  • SAVIA : in 2018 the Endesa Foundation and Máshumano Foundation launched this project with the aim of helping more than one million unemployed people aged over 50 in Spain. To do this, they make tools and resources available to seniors that will improve their employability and help them find new, alternative jobs.
  • Assignment of the use of company assets: during 2019 we ceded the use of many assets and facilities to Municipalities and other social institutions, with the aim of promoting the social and economic development of communities, increasing tourist activity in the area and revitalizing the local economy.

Education projects

In 2019 we invested more than €1.8 million in furthering access to inclusive, quality education by supporting training activities that involve students, families, schools and universities. This is our way of contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 4. Over the past year, more than 73,000 people have benefited (40% more than in 2018) and participated in initiatives such as:

  • ENDESA Red Chair: electricity sector training and research activities, through seminars, lectures, end-of-degree projects and doctoral theses.
  • School&Talent: a programme sponsored by the Endesa Foundation with the aim of giving access to quality education to gifted students from rural areas of Andalusia and families with limited resources.
  • RetoTech: an initiative to promote educational innovation through technological entrepreneurship in schools. In the 2018/2019 school year, 5,400 students were trained and 360 teachers from 90 schools (75 in Madrid and 15 in Aragon) collaborated.

Support projects for local communities

We support local communities by sponsoring projects aimed at improving the well-being of people and communities while maintaining their cultural identity, protecting the environment and local biodiversity, promoting sports and healthy habits, and supporting the coverage of basic needs. To do this, we have invested €3.5 million, spread over 75 projects and almost 441,000 beneficiaries.

We have developed projects to support families and social services, collaborating with various NGOs in collecting and donating resources to help disadvantaged people and alleviate precarious situations in vulnerable groups. Also in this area we have donated furniture and office supplies with an approximate value of about €23,000, in collaboration with a variety of social organisations.

In the last year, our commitment to promoting culture also continued, bringing it closer to all audiences. We facilitate access to culture through digital channels, as in the case of the Palau Digital project in collaboration with the Orfeó Català Foundation of the Palau de la Música in Barcelona.

We sponsor health and safety promotion projects and in 2019 invested around €285,000 and benefited more than 15,000 people.

We also provide for projects that promote the dissemination, conservation, research, recycling, regeneration and improvement of the environment in general and of biodiversity in particular for the conservation and improvement of the environment of communities. Initiatives such as Endesa Forest help to regenerate natural spaces. Or the recovery of the royal kite in the Balearic Islands, among the programmes for the protection of birdlife and other species.

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