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What is the best type of heating?

Gas boilers or electric heaters? Underfloor heating or radiators? Heat pumps? We help you discover the system the best meets your needs.

When the cold weather arrives, one of the most commonly heard questions is: what’s the best way to heat your home? The reality is that there is no one single answer. It all depends on the conditions found in each dwelling.

Local climatic conditions, the insulation of the building, the size of your home and distribution of the rooms: the numerous deciding factors would provide material for a whole series of studies.

What we propose here is a practical summary to help you decidequickly. As a general outline, these are the main heating systems and the conditions for which they are most suitable.


Gas: the best option if you have access to the national network

It is one of the most widely used systems in Spain, due to the fact that over 1,700 towns and cities are connected to the pipes of the national gas network.

With this system, you don’t need to worry about finding and storing your fuel, since it is piped straight into your home.

A boiler that heats up water and sends it through to a series of radiators distributed around the various rooms. The result is virtually instant heating that is both pleasant and evenly distributed.

It is a very flexible system, suitable both for small flats and for spacious mansions.

The disadvantage is if you live in a place that has no access to piped gas (i.e., in rural areas or isolated houses). In these cases you have to go to the trouble of buying and storing your fuel (using either canisters that are replaced regularly or storage tanks that are refilled once or several times per year).

If your home does not already have piped gas, fairly extensive installation work will be required. The good thing is that there are various options offering an attractive combined offer including boiler, installation work, radiators, gas tariff and maintenance service.

If you decide on gas, you can benefit from the “Tarifa One Gas” contract , amb a stable price that you will be informed of beforehand and no hidden surprises. You don’t get any discounts because you don’t need them. With no complications, no minimum contract period and all your services 100% online.

“In homes with access to the piped mains network, gas heating will very probably be the best option.”

Electric radiators: for hot climates and/or small flats

This is another of the most widely-used systems, and has the advantage that it is easy to install, since the only work required is to mount the radiators on the wall. And in the case of portable radiators, you don’t even need to do that!

The radiators chosen are simply plugged in and then start to heat up. This is a good option for locations with a hot climate,, where only limited heating is required and for only short periods of the year.

They are also useful for second residences and in small, well insulated flats that heat up quickly.

It is not a system recommended for large houses and/or cold climates.

If you have electric heating but only need it occasionally (because you don’t spend much time at home or it doesn’t get very cold), it is important to choose an electricity tariff that enables you to select times when you don’t pay anything for your electricity at all.

“Electric radiators are an interesting option in small, well insulated flats.”

Underfloor heating: good for colder winters

Although it has become fashionable and is thought of as the latest innovation, the ancient Romans already enjoyed their version of underfloor heating (using a wood-fired oven and channels that circulated the hot air under the floor-tiles).

The modern system is not that different, although the heat under the floor is distributed these days either by hot-water pipes heated by a boiler or electrical elements. However it works, the heat radiates up from the floor and is distributed in a uniform way throughout the home.

It is the most comfortable system in places where the winters are long and cold. What’s more, in such systems the floor itself contains thermal insulation that will save you between 10% and 30% of your total consumption for heating.

It should be borne in mind that it is fairly expensive to install, since all the floors in your home need to be taken up to do so, and it is only recommended for your permanent place of residence, since underfloor heating works best when it is left on all the time.

“Although it is expensive to install, underfloor heating is a good option in places with long, cold winters.”

The heat pump: an ideal choice for second homes

The heat pump is a multi-use form of heating that provides heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. All this is provided by a single device that is spectacularly efficient.

They are cheap and quick to install, but on the other hand you have to accept that the atmosphere can become dry and the slight noise produced by some models can be a nuisance.

They are highly recommended for second residences, since they heat up your home very quickly.

As with electric heating, it is important to find a tariff that allows you to choose the times when you’re going to need your more heating. The “Tarifa Tempo Happy” proposed by Endesa gives you total freedom to decide.

“The heat pump is a good choice of heating especially for second residences.”

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