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My tenants have left and they’ve left behind unpaid bills, what can I do?

If a tenant leaves and leaves behind an outstanding debt, what should the owner of the property do? The main issue is to check the name of the contract title holder, since this is who is responsible for the debts.

Antonio has a second home he hardly uses, so he decided to rent it out to earn a little extra money.

After a certain period, the tenants left. They left the apartment in perfect condition and the rental contract was terminated without any problem.

The surprise came when the power company contacted Antonio to inform him that his tenants had not paid the last bills. What happens now? Who is responsible for this debt?


Who is the title holder of the electricity contract?

It is advisable for the person enjoying the service to be the title holder of the contract. In other words: if things were done correctly, the electricity contract would not be in Antonio’s name, but in his tenant’s name.

Remember, electricity, water, gas or telephone contracts do not apply to the property but to the person whose name is on the contract. This is the correct way to do things to avoid problems.

Don’t think about it, change the title holder name on the contract

If Antonio did things correctly, when his tenants moved into the apartment, he will have asked them to change the title holder name on the electricity contract.

This will mean Antonio does not have to pay the debt they have left behind. His tenants will have to pay it sooner or later.

If Antonio did not do things correctly, it would mean he is still the title holder of the contract… and therefore he is liable for the debts and other obligations relating to the electricity supply.

The title holder name on the contract can be changed as often as necessary and it is free.

“If you rent out an apartment, change the title holder name on the contract each time a new tenant moves in.”







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What happens with the new tenants?

Antonio will undoubtedly find new tenants. What should they do? Change the title holder name on the contract to become responsible for the bills. The first of these will be calculated on a pro rata basis so they will only pay for what they have used.

This is when it is advisable to check the electricity meter with the landlord, in order to know exactly where the previous consumption ends and where the new consumption begins.

Being the title holder of the contract does not only mean paying for what they use (which is only fair). By becoming the contract title holders, tenants will have access to all the information they need, in order to know how much electricity they are using every hour of every day.

These details give you the power to save and be more efficient, apart from being able to access all your bills anytime and anywhere.

All this information is available via your Customer Private Area. You simply have to register on the endesaclientes website:

What do I need to change the title holder?

Nothing special. You simply have to call us on our free phone number 800 76 09 09.

We will ask you for the following information:

  • Name, surname, Tax Identification No. (NIF or CIF If it is a company) and a contact telephone number.
  • Point of supply address.
  • Current account to set up the direct debit for your bills (20 digits).
  • Copy of the property title deeds or rental agreement.
“You can only control your electricity consumption online if you are the title holder of the contract.”
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