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Things you will no longer do thanks to Endesa’s App

Take advantage of all the benefits of this age of technology. These include knowing everything beforehand and using your smartphone to take control of your life. The kilowatts you use at a glance. Stop wasting time. It is time to get wise.

No nostalgia, just excitement

Throughout your life technological progress has enabled you to stop having to do hundreds of things.

Let's look back:

  • The microwave: it changed your life and you stopped having to be alert in the morning to make sure the milk didn't boil over at breakfast.
  • The remote control: this came for good, so you wouldn't have to get up off the sofa every time the adverts came on.
  • The post-it: suddenly you realised you could remember more things…and in more and more colours…
  • Internet: this blew everything away. You want to buy a train ticket? Go down for the newspaper? Write a letter? Nothing is as it was.
  • Smartphones: or Internet in your pocket.

The world is changing and so are you. The revolution consists in doing new things and leaving the old behind. The future is promising, the past has gone and this is the present:


Digital Energy

Well energy is changing too. The electricity used in your home is not just a piece of paper you receive every two months. With the e-billing service you can access complete information much earlier. And Endesa’s mobile app offers a whole host of possibilities.

  • Have you left a light on, or are you just being paranoid? Endesa’s app will let you know.
  • Are you using more or less electricity than last month? Endesa’s app will let you know.
  • Have you lost a bill that you urgently need? You won’t lose any more bills with Endesa’s app.
  • You don’t know where to find Endesa’s nearest office? The app will find it for you.

Heat up your food in the microwave, switch on the TV with the remote control and grab a post-it to write down all the things you are no longer going to do once you have downloaded Endesa’s app.

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