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Appliance repair included in your bill

The breakdown solution for washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, electric stoves, boilers and gas heaters. A specialised professional who comes to your home in less than 3 hours, any day of the year.

Murphy’s Law appears to have been designed for appliance breakdowns. Washing machines that break down on a Sunday morning. Glass-ceramic hobs that stop working when you invite your friends for dinner. Boilers that stop heating up during a cold spell.

It's normal not to worry about any of this until it happens to you. And when it happens, it's already too late. You’re in trouble and you only have two options left: try to fix it yourself or call an emergency technician. In the first case, you’ll waste your time and lose your patience trying to decipher complex online tutorials. In the second case, you’ll lose a lot of money.

What you need is a maintenance service that guarantees peace of mind 365 days a year.

LThe question is not whether having a maintenance service is a good idea. The question is: Which maintenance service is right for you?

Without a doubt, one that includes all of the following:

  • Urgent repairs(visit by a technician in less than 3 hours).
  • Transportation and 3 hours of labour for each repair, at no cost.
  • Free customer service telephone line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: 900 85 86 85.


OKLuz Assist: for washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, etc.

OKLuz Assist is what you need. With this service, you get:

  • Unlimited repairs on your electrical installation.
  • One repair per year on a white good appliance: washing machine, tumble dryer, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, cooker hood, oven, glass-ceramic hob or electric cooker.
  • Urgent repairs, in less than 3 hours and non-urgent repairs.
  • Two electrical handyman services per year, lasting two hours each: installation of lamps, wall and ceiling fixtures, halogens in false plaster ceilings, replacement of switches, plugs, bells, bulbs, halogens, etc.
  • You can also pay for OKLuz Assist in electricity bill instalments and with a 50% discount during the first year: €2.49 per month.

OKGas: for your boiler

If you have heating in your home, we suggest OKGas. Do you get into a mess with regular boiler and gas installation checks? If so, this is the service for you. It includes:

¿Te haces un lío con las revisiones periódicas de la caldera y la instalación de gas? Entonces, este es tu servicio. Incluye:

  • An initial diagnosis of your gas, boiler and heating circuit installation.
  • Annual review of the condition of your gas, boiler and heating circuit installation. It enables you to comply with the current legislation on gas installations and the Regulations on Building Heating Installations (RITE, for its acronym in Spanish).
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Urgent repairs in less than 3 hours.
  • OKGas includes the cost of the Mandatory Periodic Inspection of your gas installation, which must be complied which every 5 years and valued at around €60, provided that you have also contracted gas with Endesa Energía.
  • You can pay for OKGas in convenient gas bill instalments and you will get a 50% discount during the first year: €5.67 per month.

OKGas Heater: for your heater

If you want a maintenance and repair service for your gas installation and heat, Endesa makes it easy for you: OKGas Heater. Other services only cover the boiler and not the gas installation, or only cover the maintenance and not the repairs. This doesn’t happen with Endesa. We take care of everything.

Also includes:

  • A review of your gas and heater installation every two years. It enables you to comply with the current legislation on gas installations and the Regulations on Building Heating Installations (RITE, for its acronym in Spanish).
  • Unlimited repairs.
  • Urgent repairs in less than 3 hours..
  • Also covers the cost of the Mandatory Periodic Inspection, valued at approximately €60.
  • You can pay for OKGas Heater in convenient gas bill instalments and you will get a 50%discount during the first year: €4.13 per month.

Now that you know all our many options, it's your turn to choose which of these most suits your conditions.

 description of maintenance services OKLuz Assist, OKGas and OKGas Heater
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