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The cheapest gas rates

Gas is one of the main expenses of a household. When autumn arrives, spending tends to increase, so it is worth asking ourselves which gas rate is best for us.

In many homes, autumn and winter are synonymous with rising bills, especially gas bills. There's nothing new in this. On colder days, we make greater use of heating and hot water in our homes. We also spend more time at home and tend to cook more. All of this means an increase in gas consumption, something that has a direct impact on our pockets. So we must have a cheap gas rate that meets our needs. In this post we give you some tips to help you avoid mistakes when choosing a rate.


The cheapest gas rate: a flat rate

In the case of your gas bill, what you pay depends on the price of the kW/h and your consumption. So your rate and its prices are decisive when it comes to saving. On the other hand, there is your consumption.

However, if you have gas heating and a gas water heater it is difficult to regulate or organise your consumption, since it is likely that you will have these devices operating throughout the day or at different times from one day to the next. That is, they often depend on a thermostat that can come on and go off to maintain that temperature. You can lower the desired temperature of your thermostat, limiting the hours of operation of your device, reducing consumption, and therefore, the cost. But a boiler or water heater will still have alternate energy consumption periods.

For this reason, it is very difficult to optimise gas consumption in hourly discrimination rates.

"It pays to go for a flat rate with an economical kW/h".

In view of this, it is worth going for a flat rate with an economical kW/h, which gives us peace of mind. This will mean we won't have to worry about whether the boiler has to be turned on or off for the house to be at a comfortable temperature.

However, there are some other important issues when considering a natural gas rate.

No commitment to remain

Some providers make you sign a fixed term contract. This means that you cannot break the contract for a certain period of time, which is usually one or two years. That is, if for any reason you need to end your contractual relationship (you move, you have changed your installation for an electrical one, you prefer another company's services), you will have to indemnify your company.

In the end, these types of clauses add a cost. So they end up being more expensive rates in a way. You perhaps pay a lower price for your kW/h, but you have to pay a high price in the event that you terminate your contract. You will be the one who has to assess what is best for your situation.

A simple process

When subscribing your rate, make sure it is a clear and simple process and that there are no additional costs. It is essential that you read the conditions and your contract well. Some contracts have a clutter of percentage discounts that complicate billing. Ask the necessary questions until you understand everything perfectly.

"It is essential that you read the conditions and your contract well".

Online management

Consider the great advantages of a rate managed online. Not only will you help to use less paper and create less waste, but you will also be able to manage your rate quickly and easily, control your spending and review your bills with a single click.

Price evolution

There are gas rates that offer very competitive prices the first year, but then what happens to the prices? The best thing would be for the kW/h price to vary with the Consumer Price Index or CPI. This way you ensure that your rate is adjusted to market prices and inflation: if the CPI rises, your price is updated by increasing it by the same percentage; if the CPI falls, your price is updated by reducing it by the same percentage. Generally, CPI-related contracts are updated at the beginning of the year.

You must also remember that there are taxes and regulatory changes that affect the provision of products such as natural gas. Your provider should inform you of these changes in price and apply them afterwards, so that you are always aware of what you are going to pay for your bill.

If you do not agree with these changes, you can always change company, unless you have signed the fixed term clause.

Additional services

Another type of gas rate is one that forces you to contract other services, such as electricity supply, insurance, maintenance services, etc. These services can add to your bill and you may not even need them. The recommendation is that you contract what you need. Weigh up the pros and cons of these services and whether you are willing to pay that cost.


The cheapest gas rate: One Gas Rate

With all these variables, Endesa offers the cheapest gas rate, the One Gas Rate. With the One Gas Rate the benefits are endless:

  • Without fixed term: you can cancel the contract whenever you want without penalty.
  • A simple process: it is easy to contract, without costs or small print.
  • Online management:all your online management is easy and fast. You will also receive your bills online. And without spending on paper!
  • Price evolution: price update linked to the CPI in January.
  • Additional Services: you will not have to contract any associated service.

Here are the prices before VAT:

Fixed price: 4.95 per month (if you don't have gas heating) / 8.75 per month (if you have gas heating)

Variable term: €0.0505/kWh (if you don't have gas heating) / €0.042750/kWh (if you have gas heating)

Energy price: €0.154665/kWh

However, if you are interested in any additional service, at Endesa we offer you:

  • The One Gas + OKGas Rate, which has the advantages of the One Gas rate and a maintenance service for your installation, which includes an initial diagnosis, annual reviews, unlimited repairs and the cost of the mandatory periodic inspection.
  •  The One Gas + OKGas Heater Rate includes the One Gas rate and a technical service for your gas installation and your heater. An initial diagnosis, annual reviews, unlimited repairs and the cost of the mandatory periodic inspection of your installation are some of the advantages.
  • The One Luz + Gas Rate makes your procedures easier, combining electricity and gas consumption.
  • The One Luz + Gas + OKLuz Assist Rate that adds the OKLuz Assist service to your electricity and gas supply, which provides unlimited repairs to your
  • With Endesa’s Flat Rate you will enjoy a fixed monthly charge that includes the payment of your electricity and gas consumption, with no limit on consumption.

Contract the rate that best meets your needs now and start saving on your gas bill with Endesa.

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