Endesa Única is much more than a flat rate tariff. You consume all you need and you will always pay the same. But if you manage to reduce your energy consumption we will refund all the energy you save in euros

What is a flat rate tariff? This is an important question as there are plenty of options on the market that call themselves flat rate but aren't really. They fall short of what a real flat rate tariff should be. Endesa Única exceeds it.

False flat rate tariffs Real flat rate tariffs Endesa Única
You pay the same every month

You consume what you need

You get money back for being efficient

100% sustainable energy

No minimum duration It depends It depends

You can tailor it to your needs

The price is unique for you and your home

  • Endesa Única is a real flat rate tariff, you always pay the same amount, whatever you consume. There are no adjustments if your consumption suddenly rockets. In this section we will explain what we do if you consume too much.
  • Endesa Única goes beyond the flat rate tariff concept, as you get money back if you become more efficient and consume less energy. 
  • Endesa Única is not just a tariff. It's much more than that: It's a service platform where you can take control of your energy and add other features.

"Flat rate tariff" is a term we have become used to when talking about our mobile phone and Internet... and now also for energy. You have to go back to the beginning to understand what a flat rate tariff really is.

Everything began before mobile phones had become smartphones. Flat rate tariffs were a groundbreaking idea then: You could talk for as long as you wanted because you always paid the same at the end of the month. Later, this spread to the Internet: Use as many MB (and then GB) as you want because you'll always pay the same.

We need to distinguish clearly between true flat rate tariffs, false flat rate tariffs and other revolutionary options that go beyond what has become established.

Real flat rate tariffs

The original idea as it was applied to mobile phones and the Internet is still valid: I use as much as I want and always pay the same amount. That is how Endesa Única works. 

My consumption of minutes, GB and kWh will be a line with peaks and troughs, but the line showing what I'm going to pay at the end of the month stays flat:

This idea obviously predates the term "flat rate tariff". We can find it in free open bars and quotas for services like gyms, where you pay and can use the gym as often as you want.

Endesa Única is a real flat rate tariff, as it meets a key requirement:

  • You pay a fixed amount and it doesn't depend on what you use.

This is the case as long as both sides respect certain minimum principles of transparency and common sense. It would be unreasonable for anyone to order twenty coca colas in a bar in five minutes or for someone to sleep in a gym.










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False flat rate tariffs

As flat rate tariff sounds attractive, it has been used for tariffs that are not really flat rates. It might seem like they are, because they assure you that what you pay each month never changes... unless you exceed your consumption limit.

Sometimes this is an annual limit. In other words, you pay the same every month, but your consumption is checked at the end of the year and you have to pay more in compensation if you've exceeded your limit. This process is called regularisation. With Endesa Única there is no regularisation

There is nothing wrong with these options. The only problem is that they are being marketed by calling them something they are not. These options are a world away from Endesa Única

If we think about the gym, it would be like them telling you at the end of the year that you have done too many hours of exercise and that you have to pay another 50 euros at Christmas.

There are many examples of false flat rates with electricity and gas tariffs.

It looks like you always pay the same, but at the end of the year it's time to do the sums and see if you have to pay more or get a refund. The threat of a surcharge for excess consumption is always hanging over you. These are not true flat rate tariffs. This is not Endesa Única.

Much more than a flat rate tariff

But why do we keep talking about the concept of a free open bar? It's practical and simple, but it's a bit out of date. Endesa Única goes beyond this. 

Imagine a free open bar where you get back most of what you paid if you drink only half an orange juice, because you have hardly caused any costs.

You have the peace of mind of being able to consume whatever you want, but if you don't some of what you paid is refunded.

Imagine a gym where you get some of your membership fees back if you miss a few months.

Imagine a unique option like nothing else in the electricity and gas market. Imagine this:

  1. A personalised quota is calculated based on the electricity and gas you usually consume. You don't pay what everyone else pays: You pay a price that is unique for you.
  2. You pay your personalised quota every month of the year. Not one euro more, not one euro less. And when Christmas comes, there are no surprises or adjustments. No additional amount to pay. There is just your personalised quota, and it's the same in December as it was in January, February...
  3. If you meet the energy efficiency challenge and consume less electricity or gas, your bills will include a refund of part of your quota. In other words, if you use less, you pay less.

Do you get the picture? You can stop imagining because this is already the case and you can set it up in less than 5 minutes. It is called Endesa Única and it is much more than a flat rate tariff. Because, in addition to all that we have told you, it includes:

  • 100% sustainable energy: 100% renewable electricity and natural gas neutral in CO2 emissions.
  • Add extra services: servicing, repairs, payment protection insurance, video assistance and much more.
  • Netflix: add all the entertainment, the best series and films to your Endesa Única. Earn €12 per year, every year (equivalent to a Standard Netflix fee) through the Rewards Plus Plan.
  • No minimum duration: If you don't like it, you can change your tariff or retailer any time you like, with no penalties.
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