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Ten ways to save on electricity at your business

Timers, LEDs and energy-saving appliances are some of the options you can use to save energy in your business. Remember that minimising your energy costs is good for your business and for the environment.

How can I save electricity in my company?

Here are 10 simple measures you can use to reduce your electricity bill. Don’t forget that it is essential that everyone who works in your company has a commitment to reducing energy consumption.

1- Install automated controls such as sensors and timers so that the lights go out where no one is using them.

2- Verify that you are really using the power you have contracted. Adjusting this can result in savings of up to 20%.

3- Replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps.

4- Optimise your use of natural light and daytime heat with correct orientation and distribution.

5- Install low-consumption equipment.

6- Set your climate control systems to 25ºC in summer and 20ºC in winter.

7- Check the air conditioning system approximately every 6 months. This will extend its useful life and improve its daily operation.

8- Declare war on "stand by". Turn off your company’s computers and televisions if you are not using them: they can make up as much as 60% of your electricity consumption.

9- Don’t forget to turn off photocopiers and printers at night and on weekends.

10- If your company has motors that run continuously or for many hours, install variable speed drivesfor energy savings of up to 50%. These devices control the rotating speed of the machinery, which eliminates energy losses and prolongs the life of both the equipment and the installation.

To save on your bill you should also inquire about the different tariffs and choose the one that best matches your business needs. At Endesa, we can analyse your requirements and draw up a strategy based on your normal consumption, the power you need, contracting additional products, and more.

“Choosing the right tariff and following a few simple recommendations can help you save on your electricity bill.”

Preferential Management Service

We recommend our Preferential Management Service for the efficient management of the energy needs of your business. If you have more than 5 low-voltage and/or low-pressure supply points, you can use the digital tool to manage your electricity and save time and money.

In addition to a personal advisor who can answer any questions you have and guide you through the process, you will also have at your disposal a digital platform for obtaining reports, analyses and statistics to efficiently manage your supplies. In other words, personalised attention at all times.

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