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Endesa for Large Customers

A continually evolving service based upon your necessities

What is the preferential management service?

We provide you with our most exclusive and personal management service, with which you can process and control your low voltage supplies in the most efficient way, and with added benefits such as:

  • Guaranteed response: We follow-up on all of your requests, making sure to process each and every request.
  • Personal coordinator: We assign a specialist to you, in addition to your Account Manager, who will help you with any issue which arises day-to-day.
  • Qualified personnel: We place our best supply management professionals at your service, with on-going training programmes in both business and technical aspects.


Advantages for your business

Personalised service through which you can:

  • Manage your requests through the same spokesperson.
  • Continuous follow-up for all of your requests, with timely information regarding progress.

Efficient management that allows you to:

  • Have greater agility in the resolution of your requests.
  • Have control of your supply portfolio, knowing its status and details.
  • Manage and optimise your consumption.
  • Control and audit your billing.

Experience and leadership

You´ll have access to the best low voltage management service, with Spain's market leader in electricity.

Comprehesive low voltage management

The Preferential Management Service covers all activities in the management process for a low voltage supply.

Efficacy in Contracting

  • Mass supply start-up with Endesa Energy, carrying out periodic oversight of rejections and incidents.
  • Urgent directives for start-up.
  • All types of contract modifications (contract termination, changes to title holder, capacity expansion/reduction, etc).
  • Contract report with status and administrative information for your supplies.

Billing Transparency

  • Resolution of any doubts regarding your bill.
  • Different types of billing.
  • Advanced billing reports.

Easy to File a Claim

  • Admittance of all types of claims.
  • Management and follow-up of each claim.
  • Prioritisation of claims until their resolution.

We will be pleased to help you, giving you responses to your current and future needs. Join more than 300 clients who already enjoy this service.


Personalised service

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