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Which electricity tariff should you contract for your business?

You're going to start a business and everything is all set. A plan, financing, the location... What about electricity? In order for it not to be an obstacle in your path toward entrepreneurship, we'll give you the keys to subscribing to the right electricity plan.

Your electricity contract is not a trivial matter when starting up your business. There are several questions that are essential that you must not lose sight of. For example, competitiveness and cost savings. But there is something else: sustainability. Will your business be committed to the environment? A reasonable and responsible energy consumption will make your company stand out in this area.

You’ll have to evaluate your energy consumption. If it is very high, it may be appropriate to subscribe to a tariff that offers greater discounts on the variable term (energy), especially in the hours of greater consumption. If on the contrary, your consumption is low, the most important thing is to adequately optimise the fixed term of your bill (power).

Another point not to lose sight of are the specific needs of your business. This information will determine what type of contract you need. The peculiarities of each business are unique.


First: identify the pattern of consumption

Let’s start with one of the determining factors: the consumption of kWh. Do you know if you have a homogeneous consumption? Or are the peaks at some hours of the day or on some days of the week?

If you think that you’ll have a homogeneous consumption (for example, a store or office without industrial equipment), it’s best to subscribe to the Tempo tariff.

Its main advantage? You accumulate discounts at the times of greatest consumption. In this way, this solution will be adapted to your situation, no matter what your periods of consumption are (whether they are during the day, night, weekends...).

“To find out what rate is best for you, it is essential for you to know your consumption profile. On which days and during which times do you need to consume the most electricity?”

Second: power

Another of the important factors is the power to contract. To do so, you must take into account the number of home appliances and apparatuses that will be turned on at the same time.

For power, the key is to find a fair balance. Subscribing to excessive power will make you pay more on your bill, but cutting yourself short will mean not having electricity at specific times, because as they used to say, “you’ll blow a fuse”.

Only if the power contracted is greater than 15 kW will you have a maximeter that will guarantee that the supply is never interrupted.

From the entrepreneurial point of view, ideally you will know the energy prices in advance. This way, you can plan the entire year and opt for the most competitive tariffs. With the Endesa tariffs, fixed for a minimum of one year, correct financial planning is guaranteed.

There will be no scares, only additional advantages included in the contract (for example maintenance services and breakdown repairs).

If you have any questions, our consultants are available to advise and help you contract the perfect tariff for your business.

3 examples of businesses and electricity management

An office

It is a small office without many home appliances. Lights, computers, screens, wifi, photocopy machine, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, heater and air conditioner. Most consumption occurs on business days, from 8am to 12am, from Monday to Friday.

Needs a homogeneous fee: Tempo Rate.


A bar

A hospitality industry business where most consumption is from freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee machine and a small kitchen, with its fume hood, as well as small home appliances. There is also a television and music player. Don't forget about the air conditioning and heater.

Opens early to serve breakfasts and do not close until midnight: Open Companies Rate.


A veterinary clinic

Small pet clinic, with emergency services. It has the typical consumption of electricity with air conditioning and heating, as well as some office equipment (computers, monitors, printers, wifi). In addition, it has medical devices related to the business (ultrasounds, etc.).

It’s open throughout the day and closes past 9 p.m: Open Companies Rate.

“If you're interested in any of these rates, call us at 800 760 266.”
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