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Find the best energy solution for your business

Endesa offers you customised solutions suitable for any type of business. The aim is for you to optimise your energy consumption, save on energy bills and improve your profit margin.

Sandra is a young entrepreneur. She has just launched her first business project and energy consumption is one of her main concerns in order to save and be able to be more competitive. This is why she has contacted Endesa, given that we speak her language and can understand each other perfectly: savings. We know that energy efficiency is a very important element for any business: it helps you mitigate the environmental impact, reduce costs and expand your profit margin.

At Endesa, we are specialists in the smart use of energy. We offer services and solutions with high added value that will enable Sandra to increase her business competitiveness, optimise her investments and improve her organisation’s image.

However, in order to find out where and how Sandra can improve her energy consumption, we first need to carry out an accurate diagnosis of her facilities. For this, our technicians carry out a customised study to find out her saving possibilities and, based on this, to design solutions with flexible payment formulas.


Hotel business solutions

Sandra has decided to buy an old hotel-restaurant with the intention of renovating it and moving it forward. She knows she will need to face tough competition, and this is why energy savings can be one of the pillars of her business success.

Sandra wants get the most out of her facilities with some simple gestures, such as, for example, optimising the boiler room, which will save her up to 30% in fuel, or using thermal solar energy to obtain domestic hot water and reduce the energy consumed by up to 70%. Another way of reducing her electricity expenditure is by using new low-consumption technologies in lighting and LED bulbs.

In addition, at Endesa we will be in charge of processing subsidies from the Public Administration that Sandra can request to be able to expand her investment with no previous cost. With our advice, Sandra will certainly manage to make her project more competent.

However, we do not only deal with the hotel business: at Endesa, we have solutions for all types of business.


Solutions for buildings, offices and shopping centres

Lighting accounts for 50% of the consumption of commercial premises, which is why optimising it is a priority for any business. To help you control this expense, at Endesa, we have professional advisers who will guide you and design an action plan for installing new technologies, renovating equipment and even improving the distribution of lighting to take advantage of resources more efficiently.

If your business consumes more than 50,000 kWh of gas per year and your power supply is Low Voltage with a contracted power of more than 15 kWStable Gas is your solution. A rate with a guaranteed price until 15 April 2019 and with discounts of 20% on the 3.3 rate and 26% on the 3.4 rate, for 12 months from the contract activation date.


In the case of industrial facilities, our technicians analyse each facility, applying the most appropriate solutions to each specific case. For example, , efficient air conditioning is capable of saving up to 30%, maintaining the comfort and industrial coolness required for your products. We also help you to renew and change the lights throughout your premises, considerably improving their daily consumption.

Diesel, fuel or propane are still commonly used fuels in businesses, despite their low efficiency and high cost. By switching to natural gas, you can save between 25% and 45% and reduce your equipment's maintenance cost.

Implementing facilities based on good advice and constantly maintaining equipment can reduce your final billing by 25-45%.

To make everything easier, Endesa offers you flexible payment formulas or you can even make the investment necessary to carry out them out via the Integral Energy Management Service.

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