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10 Tips for saving electricity at home

There are many small things you can all do to save electricity and money and help our planet at the same time.

More and more people are starting to care about the environment and are interested in the different ways energy can be saved at home. Sometimes there are options that require initial planning or investment. But there are other times when it is really easy to start. A good starting point is to make the best use of the electricity in your home.

Saving electricity is within everyone's reach. Take not of these 10 tips and start saving on your electricity bill from today.


 1. Optimal temperature control

If you find complete home automation a little excessive, you do not need to go so far to save electricity with automated systems at home.

For example, a simple programmable thermostat also generates considerable savings in the electricity bill by adjusting the temperature to our different needs: day/night, weekends, travel, etc.

The ideal temperature for a home ranges between 20º and 23º during the day and 15º to 17º at night. Programme the time so the heating goes up a little just before you get up or arrive home. You will see how this is enough to make you feel comfortable.

And for those who feel the cold, it is better to put on a little extra clothing than to increase the temperature by a couple of degrees. Wearing a sweatshirt at home can save on your electricity bill and help save the planet.

2. Take advantage of sunlight

The popular expression "last but not least" fits here perfectly. You have already seen several ways how to save electricity at home just by changing some of your habits.

But if there was a way to use less electricity without doing anything. This is where the optimum use of sunlight can come to our rescue.

As long as your house faces the right way you should try and get the most out of this inexhaustible source of light. Place study tables and reading places in areas near the windows to gain natural light.

You can also put mirrors inside the house to make the most of daylight. A strategy that was already in use in ancient times for lighting and that we can now add to our commitments to save electricity, pay less and take care of the planet. 

"You only need to consume 30% of your electricity in during the off-peak time band to save on your electricity with a tariff with discrimination by time of use. It turns out that most of us already consume 50% of our electricity during this time frame."

3. Choose efficient domestic appliances whenever you can

Using Class A domestic appliances and making the best use of each of them is the key to saving electricity at home.

If you need to change a domestic appliance, choose one with the most efficient energy label, such as A+, A++ or A+++. Even though they are usually more expensive, in the long run you will save so much on electricity, that at the end of their lifecycle they cost less than cheaper domestic appliances.

"An efficient refrigerator consumes up to 40% less electricity, the equivalent of over 250 euros of savings per year."

4. Good use of domestic appliances is key to saving

The efficient use of domestic appliances is the key to saving electricity.

  • Load the washing machine and dishwasher to the full. If the water does not need to be very hot, washing at 40º instead of 60º will save up to 55% on your electricity bill.
  • Induction cookers use less electricity than vitro-ceramic cookers. 
  • Use pots and frying pans that have the right diameter for each cooking area to avoid wasting heat. You can also make the best use of electricity by putting the lid on the pot or using a pressure cooker. Small details that in the end enable us to save a significant amount of electricity at the end of the year.
  • The refrigerator is the appliance that consumes most electricity. Set the temperature inside the fridge to between 3º and 7º, do not allow frost to build up and make sure the back is well ventilated and dust free.

5. Turn off the light when you leave a room

Never forget to turn off the light when you leave a room, the bathroom or the kitchen. It wastes electricity and it is easy to avoid. Of course, when leaving home make sure all the lights have been turned off, especially if you are going for several hours or days.

Fake News: Dismiss forever the unfounded rumour that it costs more to switch the lights on and off rather than to leave them on all the time. The switch is our ally when it comes to saving electricity at home.


6. Forget about the standby switch

Did you know that the standby or false shutdown can account for up to 10% of what you consume in electricity throughout the year?

Remember that the TV, computer, mobile phone charger, water heater and even air-conditioners really burn up energy if they are kept plugged in.

Try to keep the number of devices that are always plugged in to a minimum if you want to save electricity at home and pay less in your bill.


7. Use low-consumption light bulbs

Low-consumption light bulbs are a great way to save electricity, compared with traditional or incandescent light bulbs.

The difference in price will be compensated by how long they last and the energy they save: Up to 50% less consumption with a CFL bulb and 80% with LED lighting.


8. Take advantage of a smart home

A smart home means much more than asking a speaker to put your favourite song on you. There are many technological advances you can use to start making more efficient use of your devices and save electricity at home. 

  • Efficient air-conditioning systems.
  • Presence sensor lighting.
  • Smart light bulbs to control intensity.
  • Devices that open and close blinds depending on how much light you need

These are just a few examples of how investment in domotics (home automation) translates into comfort, quality of life and, of course, saving electricity month after month.

Smart control systems can save up to 50% in electricity consumption, by optimising the management of lighting, hot water, heating and air-conditioning.

"Home automation not only improves the quality of life, it also helps to save."

9. Adjust your electricity power to your requirements

Part of what you pay in your monthly electricity bill is the contracted power. A fixed cost that increases as the number of kWs you have contracted increases.

Contracting excess power is an unnecessary expense and this is where you can start saving electricity at home. But be careful not to decrease the power too much. Not having enough electricity power can make your life a little more complicated.

How to get it right? We will explain how to save on electricity at home by choosing the right power.

The power is the number of kilowatts (kW) you can get from the electrical grid simultaneously. If you have never blown a fuse, even with the heating, the cooker and the washing machine all on at the same time, then there is a margin for you to be able to decrease it.

But be careful, it is not a matter of taking it to the limit either. If you fall short you may need to increase it again and there are costs involved.

Your corresponding distribution company (which depends on the area where you live) will charge you approximately:

  • 11 euros or so for reducing the power, no matter how much you reduce it.
  • About 45 euros for every kW you increase it.
  • Depending on the distributor, you may also be charged for other procedures or deposits.

The information we provide here below will help you to make the right decision with regard to the power you contract.

"Good insulation and temperature control can result in annual savings in electricity of up to 30% at home."

10. Your best options are tariffs with discrimination by time of use

Off-peak consumption, when the price of electricity is at its lowest, is one source of saving that will help you to reduce costs.

These tariffs are the best way to save electricity in most homes if you are able to concentrate at least a third of your consumption in this time frame.

Do you think that is hard? Well, without even being aware of this, most people are already consuming 50% of their electricity in off-peak hours

So, switching to a tariff with discrimination for time of use can help you save many euros a year on your electricity bill with no effort.

This tip works just as well for the free market as for the regulated market, in both cases you have the possibility to contract tariffs with discrimination for time of use that will help you save electricity at home and pay less on your bill.

Although with the regulated market or the PVPC Tariff, you are not able to know what the price of energy will be next week, with the following tool you can check what the price will be tomorrow.

And while you are there, check the huge difference in price between peak hours (from 12 midday to 10pm in winter and from 1pm to 11pm in summer) and off-peak hours that are so much cheaper (10pm to 12 midday in winter and 11pm to 1pm in summer).

The free market offers all sorts of tailor-made tariffs where you decide which hours are the cheapest. But the new feature consists of tariffs like the Happy Hour Tariff where you choose a number of hours where what you consume is free of charge. You no longer have to worry about the time band, you choose a time slot where you want to save electricity either by day or night.


Is it time to start saving?

If you would like to participate in the change for a more sustainable world while saving on your electricity bill, follows these tips little by little and choose an electricity tariff that will help you save.

With the Tempo Happy50 tariff you have 50 hours a month when your consumption is highest totally free.

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