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A plan to help boost recovery

Our Covid-19 action plan includes measures to cover particularly serious basic needs, help vulnerable groups and contribute to the country's economic recovery.

At Endesa, we want to contribute to alleviating the social and economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the health emergency, we activated a Public Responsibility Plan with measures to provide the health sector with resources and financial donations to help cover basic needs of special importance.

Now the most critical phase of the pandemic is over, we are activating the second phase of the plan, with measures aimed at promoting the country's recovery and helping the most vulnerable. We want everything to work again, but without leaving anyone behind.

The Public Responsibility Plan that we are carrying out to alleviate the social and economic consequences of the pandemic is endowed with €25 million, which is shared between the two phases of the Plan:

  • The first phase was activated in March, when the unprecedented healthcare emergency resulting from Covid-19 required immediate aid measures in our country. The investment of twelve million euros in the direct purchase of medical equipment and donations to public and private institutions devoted to fighting the pandemic has contributed to alleviating that pressing initial need.

So far, almost 200,000 vulnerable families have been cared for with the contributions from Endesa, its Foundation and employees through micro-donations.

  • In the second phase, which we activated in June, we are tackling a challenge just as important as the first: the socio-economic recovery of our country and urgent aid for the most vulnerable.

The measures of this phase revolve around two axes:

Endesa families

We are promoting projects to support families in vulnerable situations in the most affected areas, to cover their basic needs and minimise the risk of exclusion.

  • Education as a basic need: we are working to alleviate the digital divide that is opening up between children and young people from different economic environments when education becomes virtual and specific tools are needed to access classrooms.
  • Employment: training in order to access the labour market is another of the programme's channels through which help is provided. Programmes will be carried out to promote employability in groups of people who are in vulnerable situations and unemployed as a result of the pandemic.

Endesa activa

All the measures are aimed at economic reactivation and promoting the reactivation of the Spanish business network.

  • Advice, digitisation and financial support for SMEs is the cornerstone of our business fabric.
  • Specific local reactivation plans through collaborations with organisations and institutions specialising in individualised mentoring of companies that allow them to adapt to the post-Covid situation and ensure their survival. 

In the words of our CEO, José Bogas, “the ability of society to nimbly unite efforts and turn the direction of its projects around towards a different and supporting focus, should be one of those lessons learned which is here to stay. Life is unpredictable, true, but it takes an effort from everyone to overcome challenges, that is predictable."

These are some of the measures that we have adopted since the beginning of the health crisis:

Medical team at the Valme Hospital in Seville with the portable X-ray machine donated by Endesa.
Health sector

Donations of materials and services

We have activated our national and international logistics and purchasing capacity to provide the necessary means to supply the health sector with essential resources to face the pandemic:

  • Protective equipment for healthcare workers and public service personnel (gowns, masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Supplies for the treatment of hospitalised patients (ventilators, tests, drugs, etc.) 

Special energy supply conditions for retirement homes, hospitals and medicalised hotels

We make our capacity as an energy supplier available to the public services for healthcare facilities.

  • Equipment and personnel to provide a secure electricity supply in field hospitals and medicalised hotels (generators, increased power, repairs, etc.).
  • Free supply during the state of alarm to medicalised hotels that are Endesa customers.
Arrival of masks at one of the nursing homes.
Social measures

Financial donations for aid and research

Endesa and its Foundation have joined forces to meet the needs of the groups most affected by this crisis. Through economicdonations we want to help institutions, organisations and health centres to cover those basic needs which are especially serious and to advance in their research to counter COVID-19.

Interior of an electrical grid control center.
Guaranteed electricity supply

We are working to maintain the quality of the electricity supply

During the state of alarm decreed due to COVID-19, we continue to work to maintain the quality of our services and ensure that energy reaches every home and business as it always has. To achieve this, we are adopting all the measures within our reach to ensure electricity supply, both in our generation and distribution facilities. 

In order to offer complete information on electricity demand and Endesa's generation capacity during the initial phases of the state of alarm, we have published a daily graph showing the change in demand for each autonomous community and a map with details of the power plants connected to the network.

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