A well-crafted social plan for Andorra

Endesa's being awarded the Mudéjar tender presents an opportunity to implement a great project for the future of the area — a project built by all of us and designed to have a big impact. The project will be a model for how territories — in this case, one where we have always been present — can move to cleaner sources of energy in a fair way. 

By Inmaculada Fiteni

Aerial view of the land where the solar plants will be built with the Andorra thermal power station in the background.
Aerial view of the land where the solar plants will be built with the Andorra thermal power station in the background.

Endesa's submitted technical proposal for Andorra's Mudéjar node fair transition tender is impressive for its innovative hybridisation of renewable solar and wind projects, green hydrogen project development, and energy storage - all aimed at decarbonising local industries in a real way. The accompanying socio-economic development plan is the result of an extensive participatory process that has spanned over two years. Local institutions and representatives from all productive sectors were involved in the development of this plan through active listening and immersion in the community. This collaborative effort resulted in a comprehensive development plan that was awarded 55% of the points in this competition.

The plan is designed to address the needs of the rural population through business and cultural initiatives aimed at creating jobs and diversifying economic activity. It utilises the region's endogenous resources to create optimal outcomes. At Endesa we are building a business model integrated with society, creating profitable solutions, solving social needs and generating mutually beneficial relationships with communities, to achieve more equitable, inclusive and sustainable societies that leave no one behind. 

“A well-crafted social project that took over two years to develop, through a process of participation and active listening”.

Endesa always accompanies its renewable energy construction projects with a CSV (Creating Shared Value) Plan. This plan consists of sustainability initiatives that are adapted to the needs and concerns of local stakeholders and developed in collaboration with them. The goal of the CSV plan is to promote sustainability, social inclusion, equity and local roots. The objective of involving local stakeholders in the design process is to ensure that projects create value for all members of the community and are seen as part of their territory. This can be achieved through collaboration and by involving community members in every stage of the project.

Endesa is committed to working with local associations and stakeholders in order to improve the area's growth and empowerment. Through a participatory process, Endesa has held meetings with numerous groups in order to discuss how best to move forward.

Endesa's projects always include a focus on training the local population and developing the area socially and economically. Those are two of the most important goals of Endesa's new plan for Andorra and its surrounding region. The local population will be offered extensive training in new potential business sectors in the area. This will help to retrain them for future success. All of this is developed in cooperation with local businesses, social actors and the municipalities of the communities where our renewable energy projects are located.

Another pillar of this plan is to open up employment opportunities for the unemployed in the area. More than 3,500 jobs will be created during the construction phase of the renewable energy projects and 300 direct permanent jobs will be created with the operation of these facilities and the start-up of the projects included in this support plan.

“The training of the local population and its social and economic development are essential components of Endesa's projects”.

All renewable energy projects in this plan are a cross between the energy and primary sectors, always with the aim of achieving the greatest possible integration with the territory. They are semi-natural installations, reservoirs of biodiversity, with shared use of the land with the local stakeholders in this sector, integrating agricultural activities between the solar panels, such as the cultivation of herbs and cereals, bio-cultivation, sheep pastures for natural clearing and beekeeping.

Endesa has extensive experience in planning and developing this type of project. There are currently 37 agrovoltaic projects underway or under construction at the national level in its renewable facilities, in addition to another 24 biovoltaic projects underway or in planning, aimed at improving biodiversity in the area.

A vivid example of the integration of these projects into the local community can be found in Carmona (Seville). Solar panels, bees, sheep and aromatic plants coexist between technology and the primary sector, transforming these installations into a sustainable and circular environment, making this municipality a benchmark for the energy transition. 

In Andorra, Endesa will also promote projects to develop sustainable tourism, promote local commerce and support groups of disabled people.

We are excited to embark on the challenge of implementing this great plan for the future of the area. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and support to our customers and community. We take pride in being a responsible and reliable partner in the territory we call home.

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