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Smart working

We are committed to innovative work environments and cultural exchanges that favour collaborative work.

Endesa team

The energy sector is in continuous transformation and at Endesa we want to lead that change to contribute to creating a more sustainable energy culture. Technological advances and digital profiles have changed the ways we understand work and the ways in which we interact.

Therefore, we are committed to innovative work environments, which favour people’s flexibility and mobility. The spaces are open plan and generous, with different rooms to speed up meetings and with easy access to new technologies. In line with our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, we are committed to a paper-free and cable-free office model.

But physical space is not enough. 'Smart working' also implies a cultural shift, which breaks down barriers between the different departments of an organisation to favour collaborative work, communication and the exchange of knowledge between colleagues.

'Smart' work environments foster a creative environment and increase teams’ proactivity. In this respect, development of agile work methodologies centred on the client is also key, adding greater value to the products and services.

This new concept leads to greater motivation and connection between talent.

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