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Team and enthusiasm in a year of renewable energy

In 2019, we installed 879 MW of renewable capacity. Achieving this challenge and building the 25 solar and wind energy projects would not have been possible without all our colleagues who contributed with enthusiasm, commitment and teamwork.

In 2019, we carried out one of the most ambitious energy projects in the country: launching 25 new wind and solar parks. Through our renewable energy subsidiary, Enel Green Power España (EGPE), we managed to connect to the network the 879 MW of renewable energy that we were awarded in the auctions held in 2017

A milestone in our commitment to the energy transition towards an emission-free model, which has been an exciting challenge for the people who experienced it most closely and who made it possible. We have asked some of them about their experience with this project and they all emphasise that the key has been enthusiasm and teamwork.

A hopeful and complex, but exciting challenge

When Javier Domínguez, one of the project managers on the project, learned that Endesa was awarded this renewable capacity in the auction, he thought it was a good opportunity to return home after many years working outside Spain. Javier Garrido, also a project manager, highlights the enthusiasm as the first thing he felt: “The first feeling was enthusiasm to be able to integrate into this team, which is responsible for building a renewable capacity that would allow us to take up the challenge of decarbonisation”.

Ana Sánchez, Permitting Manager, experienced it as a great challenge: “There were so many projects, so little time. It was viable, but complicated”. It was also a challenge for Luca Capuozzo, Project Leader E&C Iberia in the company: “The first thing that crossed my mind was that it was going to be complicated because, ultimately, there were 25 projects that we had to build and connect”.

The team: the best tool for undertaking the project

“We have a mission to fulfil. Let's go for it and overcome everything that comes our way”. This is how the construction and connection of the Javier Garrido power plants was undertaken, which I felt a lot of respect for because I knew how big the challenge would be.

From his point of view, a committed and effective working group was necessary when faced with this task, so “many people from inside and outside the company were involved, and I knew we had an enthusiastic and highly motivated team”.

“I think the most important tool has been working in a team”

Luca Capuozzo, Project Leader E&C Iberia

The people in charge of each project met at the beginning to analyse the opportunities and disadvantages in each area. They needed to learn from each other to complete each construction and connection and do it faster and faster.

The best ingredients to carry it out: ingenuity and communication between teams. Sharing ideas and proposing solutions have been some of the actions that have been part of the daily life of all the workers involved to overcome all the challenges that were arising.

Endesa team that has worked on the construction of renewables

A professional project with personal touches

There are many personal factors that can affect professional standards. Javier Domínguez discussed some happy news that arrived at the same time as this project came into being: “I had a child at the beginning of the auction”, so I also had my own project at home”. Luca Capuozzo also told us about the relationship that arises between personal and work life: “Working many hours a day ultimately impacts on the personal side. We must always find a balance so that the family does not suffer from what is happening at work”.

"Completing the construction has been a challenge that, in addition to being professional, has also been a source of personal pride".

“Great growth, great development, it has taken many hours, there has been a lot of sacrifice, but in the end the reward has far exceeded expectations”

Ana Sánchez, Permitting Manager

Seeing how Ana Sánchez talks about the moment when the concrete was poured in Campoliva Park, it is easy to guess that there will be many moments that they will not easily forget. After listening to them, we asked them what word represented the highlights of this journey. The answers could not be more revealing: “My word is team”. “Determination”. “It has been very stimulating”. “Proactivity”.

In 2020, and after 25 projects, everyone knows that they are capable of facing any challenge that may come their way. As Luca Capuozzo says, “we feel prepared because we really have done something great".

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