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Endesa is promoting the reindustrialisation of Bierzo with its Futur-e Plan

The session on the reindustrialisation of Bierzo

The First session on the ecological transition and reindustrialisation of Bierzo, held by Endesa, brought business project promoters and social and institutional representatives together at a meeting in León as part of the Futur-e Plan, the Company's programme for generating employment and wealth in the region following the closure of the Compostilla thermal power station.

On 8 October, Endesa opened the period for the presentation of business proposals to use the 330 hectares of land linked to the facility that Endesa operates in the municipality of Cubillos del Sil, León. This session on the reindustrialisation of Bierzo was used to inform all stakeholders about the opportunities that are opening up for development in the area.

The session was attended by skilled representatives of local government, such as mayors of Bierzo; Director-General for Energy for Castile and León, Alfonso Arroyo; and Director of Fundación Ciudén, Arsenio Terrón.

Endesa's Head of Sustainability, María Malaxechevarría, who was in attendance at the meeting, pointed out how launching this project was a testament to the company's ethical and environmental commitments. The regional manager of Endesa Noroeste, Miguel Temboury, explained that the goal is to foster development in a region with which Endesa maintains a committed relationship.

In his address, the head of the Futur-e Plan, Juan Álvarez, highlighted that there had been direct contact with entrepreneurs, pointing out that, "This Plan has been incredibly well received and its aim is to generate employment".

The heads of the Comisiones Obreras and UGT trade unions, Urscinio Sánchez and Ciriaco García, respectively, also attended the session.     


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