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The smart meter: the new digital smart meter

The smart meter

Your electricity bill will change forever thanks to technology. New smart meters have arrived so that you can have total control over your power.

These new meters will accurately read your usage, hour by hour and day by day and automatically send us all the data.

Once you have a smart meter, nobody will have to go to your home every certain time. You will not have to send us your reading. Once you have a smart meter, your bills will be completely accurate and based only and solely on actual usage.

In Spain, smart meters began to be installed in 2010. It is expected that most households will have a smart meter before 2019.


The main advantages of having a smart meter are as follows:

  • Problem-solving will be faster: It will be easier to identify any supply problems and the power cut will be shorter.

  • Adjusting the power supply will be easier: If you want to increase or decrease your power supply, a technician will not have to go to your home. This will be done remotely.

  • You will say goodbye to the estimated readings: They will all be actual usage.

  • The smart meters cannot be manipulated: They are constantly monitored and cannot be tampered with.


You will receive a letter informing you of the date on which the new meter will be installed. Your power will be briefly cut during the installation. Once this has been completed, you will receive a confirmation letter.


No matter how smart your meter is, if you want to take full advantage of it, it should be integrated into the telemetering system. Once this happens, you will notice it on your bills, which will then be based only and solely on your actual usage, hour by hour and day by day.


When your smart meter starts working and sends the data to your bills, all you have to do is go digital and take control of your electricity usage. You will know how much you spend at any time. You will receive the bills before they are charged to your bank account and you will be able to set up alerts to warn you when you exceed your spending limit.

Remember that the installation is free of charge. You will not have to pay anything to the person who replaces your old meter.

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