The smart electricity meter

Have absolute control over the energy you use by not having to send the readings and with invoices that always reflect your real consumption: Smart meters have arrived to make your life easier.

We will explain what a digital or smart electricity meter is, what changes compared to analogue meters and how to take advantage of the improvements it offers.


What is a smart meter?

A smart or remotely managed electricity meter is a measuring device that is used to record the actual readings of electricity consumption remotely. Unlike traditional models, smart meters enable you to control this information automatically because they are connected to a network.

The readings are more reliable, it is easier to manage, it enables you to resolve incidents and you can monitor your consumption much faster. 

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Advantages of smart electricity meters

  1. Precise control of energy consumption: the smart electricity meter enables you to know exactly what your energy consumption is by the hour. This equipment collects very valuable information, such as what your consumption is at each time of the day. Thanks to this precision in the measurements you will be able to make adjustments to save energy.
  2. Ease of processing: know what your power is or modify it directly, cancel supply, etc. Any change or management can be undertaken remotely when you install an electricity meter system with remote management.
  3. Detecting breakdowns: remote electricity consumption management systems also have breakdown detection functions that enable them to be located and action taken much more quickly.
  4. Avoid estimated consumption: the smart electricity meter automatically sends electricity consumption information to the Supplier each month. You don't need to send the readings or have a technician come by your house. With a smart meter your bills will always reflect actual consumption, without estimates.
  5. Protection against tampering: these smart devices are equipped with monitoring systems to prevent fraud in your consumption.
  6. More sustainable and effective: as the information is available in real time, better decisions can be made with regard to the electricity grid with a view to avoiding overloads and improving energy efficiency. 

The implementation of smart electricity meters in Spain has been a great advance for both companies and consumers. Being able to know the actual consumption of electricity at every hour of the day enables you to adapt your electricity tariff so you can save in the hours where you consume the most.

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All Endesa smart meter information at your fingertips

Most users currently have a smart electricity meter in their home or business. If you are an Endesa client there are several ways you can check all the information about your electricity consumption recorded on your digital meter:

  • On the digital invoice: activate the Endesa digital invoice so detailed information about your consumption can be sent to your e-mail. You can check it wherever you happen to be and know the amount for your bill a week in advance, before you the invoice is charged.
  • In your Private Client Area. Log in and access all the information about your consumption. You will also have the information you need at your fingertips so you can make fully personalised savings decisions, like setting up alerts that warn you if you are exceeding the limit you have chosen.
  • On the Endesa app. Download it on your mobile to control your consumption and manage your account easily and comfortably. The most comfortable way to always have the information from your smart electricity meter available on your mobile.


How does a digital electricity meter work?

Digital or smart electricity meters work autonomously and use telematics. Even though you will not need to do anything to make your digital meter work, it will be interesting to know about some of its features. 


What does the red light on the electricity meter mean?

Not all devices are exactly the same, but as a rule digital electricity meters have a red pilot light that acts as an indicator:

  • Flashing red light: when electricity is being consumed the red light on the digital meter flashes. How frequently it flashes indicates how much is being consumed. In other words, the faster it flashes the more electricity is being consumed.
  • Red light off: when the red light is off it usually means that there is no consumption. When no electricity passes through the meter it does not flash.
  • Fixed red light: depending on the model of smart electricity meter installed the fixed red light can mean one of two things. Firstly, that there is no consumption (similar to the case of the light off) or, secondly, that the meter has been blocked because the contracted power has been exceeded.

Some models of digital electricity meters have a green light that indicates that electricity consumption is about to reach the contracted maximum.


How do you read a smart electricity meter?

It is easy to access the readings on a smart meter because consumption in real time is displayed on the screen. It is a small digital display where you can read the electricity consumption made since the digital counter was installed.

As users do not usually look at the electricity frequently, it is normal not to have any reference with a previous reading. That's why it's much faster to check your consumption from your Private Client Area.

There you can see the hours when you are using most energy and find a tariff that suits your needs. That is how you will be able to pay less in the hours when you consume the most.


From analogue electricity meters to digital meters.

In compliance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1110/2007, Order ITC 3860/2007 and IET 290/2012, Distributors were obliged to replace all traditional electricity meters with remotely managed meters in those homes with power less than or equal to 15 kW before 31 December 2018.

At this moment in time the number of smart electricity meters far exceeds that of traditional meters, so your home most probably has a new one.

If you do not know what type of meter you have, you can consult the company with which you have contracted electricity.


Differences between analogue and digital electricity meters

  • A digital meter has a screen where you can read the amount of kWh consumed, whilst on an analogue meter this data is shown on metal discs, similar to those on gas meters that still use this system.
  • With a smart meter you can contract a tariff with time discrimination, whilst an analogue meter does not permit this.
  • To make a reading on an analogue meter, a technician had to come to your home or it was the user himself who had to inform the supplier with regard to this data. A smart meter does this automatically.
  • A digital meter enables remote management of breakdowns, whilst technical assistance for an analogue meter must be in person.

If you have any questions about your electricity meter you can contact your electricity distribution company depending on where you live. 

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