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How to save on gas heating?

The cold always arrives, you just have to wait for it. Coats, scarves and boots become our best allies on the street. What about at home? What we do there will have a radical impact on our bill.

When you are nice and comfortable under the bed covers, you need to know the temperature in Celsius on the street. You need information to give you an idea of how bad it might be.

Here's another fact: more than 43% of what you spend on energy éis for heating. The figure is an average calculated by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving. You might be suffering without knowing it, paying more than you should. Perhaps you are wasting.

Take note of this advice to have peace of mind, without wasting heat and without wasting euros.


Gas rates you can save on

The most basic way to save energy on heating is to pay less for it. To achieve this you have to check the gas rate that you have signed up for.

Endesa offers a simple rate, with the peace of mind of a fixed instalment, however much you consume.

What is more, if you are efficient and achieve the challenges we set you, rather than paying the same, you may end up paying less.

We will reward you with money back every time you beat a challenge. It is a win-win situation for you and for the planet.

Heat insulation

We always overlook it, but insulation is one of the most important elements for our homes to maintain a pleasant temperature.

Having good windows, doors and quality insulators will allow us to save a large amount of money from the outset. Cracks and holes in our home are the main points where heat is lost.

Periodically check the insulation joints and the places where heat can escape and the cold from outside can enter. Don't wait to solve this problem, given that what you save on not changing the windows, you will be spending on the heating bill.

“By taking care of your home’s insulation, you can reduce the heating bill by up to 50%.”

Regulate the thermostat

The temperature of the home in winter should be between 21º and 23º. Having a thermostat is essential to know that we are within that temperature range and that we didn't exceed it. Thanks to this apparatus, the home temperature will always be the same and will prevent it from getting cold.

In addition, to reduce the bill, turn off the heat at night (using long-sleeved pyjamas and covering yourself with blankets or a duvet will be sufficient). You can also save a few euros if you leave the heat at a lower temperature or turned off while you're not at home.

If you have central heating you can install a cost distributor which will allow you to know the cost of your consumption and what you’ll pay the next month.

If your home has electric radiators you can know your consumption thanks to their regulator, which works the same as a thermostat.

“Installing a thermostat will reduce your bill between 8 and 13%.”

Ventilation and Window blinds

Refreshing a home’s air is necessary from a sanitary point of view. For this purpose, take advantage of the middle hours of the day, between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Opening the windows for 10 minutes is more than sufficient to air out your home.

In winter, we like to have the window blinds open all the way to enjoy the few hours of natural light. It is appropriate to keep them open during the day, because the sun will help warm your home. On the contrary, when the sun goes down, it is time to close them.

“In winter, blinds open during the day and totally closed at night.”

Put on warm clothes and dry them on the radiators

Just like we change our closet every season, our home’s clothing must change as well. Store your shorts and singlets and adapt to the winter months. Jackets, socks and overcoats are not only for use outside the house, they also belong inside.

Doing laundry in winter becomes an ordeal on rainy days. The easiest option is to dry clothes on radiators but it’s not the most indicated method. Radiators need more power, and as a result, they cost more to heat the home. Place a clothes drying rack in a luminous area of the home and take advantage of the main hours of sunlight.

“Drying clothes on radiators is not recommended. It is better to place a clothes drying rack in a luminous area.”







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Regulate your hot water

Though we may not be aware of it, hot water can also represent a heating expense (depending on what system you use of course).

It’s a good idea to programme the water boiler to 45º and that the water temperature does not exceed 30º or 35º. In addition, take short showers and shut off the tap while you apply soap.

“A good idea to save is to programme the water boiler to 45º and that the water temperature does not exceed 35º.”


Regular and proper maintenance is a guaranteed way to save. Fine tune the water boiler. Ventilate and remove the air from all radiators. If you use a heat pump, check and clean the filters.

Remember that if you maintain your heating systems in perfect condition, you’ll avoid the costs of breakdowns and their resulting repairs (or in the worst-case scenario, replacing them). In this regard, subscribing to a maintenance service that aspires to excellence means peace of mind.

“Subscribing to a maintenance service is not spending money; it’s saving on future breakdowns.”

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