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I’m not going out today, brother. I’m nesting

There are people who spend the weekend going out in search of distractions and activities, and don’t set foot in the house more than is absolutely necessary. But the latest trend is to shut yourself in and to make your home the centre of the universe of leisure. It’s called “nesting” and it helps you to relax. Why don’t you try it?

- What are you doing today? Are you coming out for a drink?

- I’m not going out today, brother. I’m nesting.

- You're doing what?

- You know, nesting. I’ll wear my pyjamas all day and I won't even go out to get the bread. I’ll spend the time doing the housework, finishing the latest season of “The Walking Dead” and then latch onto the Xbox.

-You’re going to get one hell of an electricity bill.

- No, I won’t. I don’t pay for electricity on Saturdays. Tempo Happy and enjoy life, brother.

-Tempo what…?

These are new conversations for new times. At Endesa we encourage nesting, but don’t go too far; one day a week to relax and look after yourself.

The Tempo Happy Rate adapts itself to your nesting so that your electricity is free of charge at the times when you want a bit of peace and quiet.


Let’s start at the beginning; what is nesting?

Sometimes fashion takes something old, gives it a facelift and transforms it into something really fancy. We could start with polyphonic ringtones, continue with cupcakes and end with hipster beards. Before all this came into fashion we already had mobile phones, buns and hairy faces… but they just weren’t the in thing.

Much the same thing happens with nesting. Spending the day in your pyjamas just because you want to isn’t a 21st-century invention. What is new is the name we give it, and selling it as a lifestyle.

We all know what a nest is. And nesting consists of shutting yourself in and enjoying all the comforts of home: watching a film, cooking, reading… or simply resting. For young couples it’s a peach on three fronts: relaxing, spending time together and saving money.

“Nesting is an answer to the excess of stimuli and modern daily routine activities.”







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Nowadays at our homes we have the most advanced technologies; an unparalleled atmosphere and a personalised design. All this can be a perfect substitute for any plan on the other side of the doormat. Giant screens like at the cinema, sound systems like at the discotheque, video games like at an entertainment centre and all your friends just a WhatsApp away.

Let’s admit it, sometimes “normal life” just can’t beat nesting, the best antidote for modern-day living.


Be Happy in your nest

Naturally, fiddling about at home sends your electricity consumption sky-high. If you were away from home, your consumption would be very low (the fridge and little else). But nesting means having the lights on, the TV, the computer working, the air-conditioning, the oven to heat up the pizzas, a few washing-machine loads...

Don’t worry, we’ve already said that nesting is cheap, and it really is. The Tempo Happy Rate adapts to your habits and lets you choose one day a week (maybe Saturday… or Sunday… or any day you like) when you’ll pay 0 euros for all the electricity you use.

With this new rate you’ll have all the information on your consumption and you’ll be able to save as much as 140 euros per year:

To go out or to stay at home? That is the question

For many people, going out and living adventures and new experiences is the best way to make the most of the weekend. But your job, the family and everyday problems may make the week drag on, and you feel physically and mentally weary. So, jumping from the bed to the sofa and then from the sofa to the bed isn’t such a bad idea to catch up on lost sleep and get rid of those nerves.

Besides, it’s possible that you can only see your partner at weekends, or from Monday to Friday you don’t have time for your family. Investing your free time on domestic activities may help you achieve a priceless benefit: quality of life.

“The Tempo Happy Rate allows you to reserve a day for yourself: all the electricity you consume for 0€.”

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