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How to register your Gas in 5 steps

One of the first steps that we must take when we move to a new home or premises is to register basic utilities: Electricity and Gas. Here we are going to focus on Gas, and we are going to tell you how to register it in 5 simple steps to make the process easy and fast.

Whether your house or premises are newly built or if they are an older property, but do not have gas, here we will help you register your Gas in 5 simple steps.


1.     Make sure you know what you need: Do you need a new contract or just to put the old one in your name?

Reconnecting an existing supply is not the same as getting a new connection, and they don't cost the same, either. This is why it is important that you take into account the current situation of the home or premises before requesting a new service, and that you make sure that a reconnection is really what you need.

If the home or premises previously had a gas supply, you may still be able to switch ownership of the contract.

If so, the change will be quick, simple and will come at no extra cost.

On the other hand, now that we know that we should not confuse registering a new service with changing the owner, we may also find that there is no supply at the house or that it has been newly built and therefore we must necessarily register a new service.


2.     Prepare the necessary documents to register your gas service

If you have prepared the documents in advance, the process will be even faster and easier, so we recommend that you pay attention to this point:

For Gas supplies you must have:

  • An interior installation in your building or home and the boiler, heater, etc.
  • A mains connection (the pipe that connects the distribution company’s installation with your interior installation). If you do not have one you must request it in advance from the distributor in your area. 
  • Prepare the GIC: Gas Installation Certificate, which is a document that certifies that the installation is ready to operate. 
  • Prepare the CUPS: If you currently do not have a CUPS you have to request it from your distribution company. You don’t know what this is? We explain what the CUPS is and how to find it. ​
  • Have the name and ID number of the contract title holder at hand. You will have to prove their identity.
  • Provide contact details (phone number, email, etc.).
  • Assign a bank account for direct debit, although you can change that later online.


3.     Have a clear idea of the costs

Do you know how much it costs to register for a new electricity supply? For gas, there are some legally established rights that you have to assume and pay. These vary greatly depending on how much you are going to consume and the region you are in.

These expenses do not include the costs of your interior installation or your equipment, which will depend on the installer who installs it and/or sells it to you.

Registering a new gas supply (or reactivating one if you need to, when it has not been used for more than 5 years) according to Royal Decree 1434/2002 of 14 December could entail the following costs:

  • Connection rights: this a payment made to the distribution company (the company that distributes the energy and maintains the facilities) for them to install your new supply point.
  • Registration rights: you will pay this when you contract the gas supply service and this includes the so-called "hook-up services" and checking your installations.
  • Guarantee deposit: as established in Article 79 of Royal Decree 1955/2000, this is the amount to be paid when signing up, it is an amount equal to the theoretical monthly billing for fifty hours of use at the contracted power rating.

4.     Sign up for your gas with Endesa

Signing up with Endesa is very simple and you don't have to worry about a thing, we will take care of everything. 

You will only have to check out our gas rates catalogue and click on "Contract" once you have read the terms and conditions of your preferred rate.

You will access a form in which to fill in your data and some other relevant information that we need. Basically, at some point we will ask you for the following documents, so have them ready:

  • CUPS code.
  • Address at which you want to register the new energy supply.
  • Personal data such as the name and surname of the contract holder.
  • Bank account for direct debit payment of your bills.
  • Gas Installation Certificate.

You can also do this by going to your nearest Endesa office or over the phone so that we can help you register the service. You have all our channels at your disposal.


5.     Enjoy the advantages of contracting your gas with us

The truth is that once you have taken the step of registering as an Endesa customer, everything will be somewhat easier.

We are always improving and putting ourselves in your place to help make things as easy as possible for you.

We have fixed price rates so that you gain peace of mind and are not affected by variations in gas prices.

We offer maintenance services so that if your installation ever fails we can solve it by acting quickly.

As a gas customer, you will have a discount on electricity services if you also contract those with us.

In addition, you can manage everything from your client area, from any device and from anywhere. Change your rate, receive your electronic bill, request help, etc., all online and without leaving home. 

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