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Access your electricity bills wherever you are

Just like your heart or your friends, your home may be in many places. It makes sense to travel in search of the things that really matter, so don’t waste a time looking for bills. They are on the Internet for you to check at anytime and anywhere. When you need to. Effortlessly. Without wasting time.

Holidays are meant for unwinding and you like to tell yourself that, but you know perfectly well that you won’t relax if you’re not able toThe house must be secured, and all loose ends tied upWhat about the electricity? Whatever happens, the digital bill allows you to check when and wherever you want.

If a new bill arrives, you will receive an alert via email or mobile. If you would like to know more, a simple check when and wherever you want allows you to know how your electricity consumption is going. How? However you want, because this is what the Internet is for, for you to give us a whistle when you need us:

  • Via mobile or tablet: the endesaclientes app.
  • Via pc: the endesaclientes website (register if you have not already done so).

A hop onto the internet just to reassure yourself that all is well and then you can get back to relaxing. All the information is within your reach: how much your house is consuming while you are away, what you are going to have to pay and your entire bill history.

It doesn’t take up too much space and comes chaos free because they are organized automatically. And if you want them on paper, you can print all of your bills as many times as you want from your Private Customer Area.

Electronic billing is much faster

With the electronic billing service you will know much more about your bill and you will know it faster, simple.

As soon as the bill “leaves the press” you will receive and email or mobile alert. In other words, a week before the postman would arrive; you will already know how much you have to pay.

Forget asking a neighbour or family member to empty your letterbox when you are away.

A couple of clicks from your mobile/tablet/pc and you are up to date with what is going on. Just a minute of your time and then it’s back to the beach.

Forget any surprises.


Electronic billing gives you more freedom

Forget the paperwork and the old folder where everything you have received over the last 20 years is mixed up.

Get yourself upgrade and enjoy being able to have all of your bills in order and taking up just one square centimetre of your life.

Forget those awkward phrases like “I can’t find last month’s” or “did we pay the same last summer?” The internet is your specific storage and if you need to you can print them in the same format as always.

In the details of the bill you will always have links to download the fully legally valid bill.


With the electronic billing service you will save more

The key to saving electricity is to have an in-depth understanding of the consumption, which is what varies according to your behaviour.

The electronic billing service opens the door for you to know how many kWh you are consuming every hour of the day. You can configure alerts in order to set a peak, just like with your mobile GB, and we will alert you when you are exceeding your own limits.


Free and with no minimum duration

Registering with the electronic billing service does not cost you anything and you can cancel at any time and return to the old paper system if you prefer (all it takes is one click from your Private Customer Area).

Admit it: there is no excuse for you not to register with electronic billing. Make use of the 21st century and save time while becoming wiser.

“Forget about the paperwork and the surprises. You will know much more about your bill and you will know it faster.”

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