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Electricity access rates 2.0 and 2.1. A necessary charge

Electricity access rates are an important part of your bill. Through them you pay your part in keeping the network in good condition, ensuring that electricity can be brought to your home. 

In order that you only have to worry about flipping a switch, there is an immense infrastructure network that transports the electricity from where it is generated to where it is consumed. This is known as the electricity grid.

No less than 44,000 kilometres of high voltage lines and more than 5,500 transformer substations guarantee that electricity reaches your home at the appropriate voltage. Access rates (also called tolls) cover the cost of keeping this network safe, reliable and in perfect condition. It generally represents around 40% of the total bill, with the rest being electricity consumption, meter rental and taxes. You can find it on your bill under the abbreviation ATR.

You cannot choose whether or not you pay these tolls and they are the same regardless of where you live, your electricity company or if you are in the free or regulated market. They are the same throughout Spain and are set by the Ministry of Energy. Your company charges it on the bill, passing the sums collected to the regulatory body for distribution.

"If you want to find the access rate you have on your bill, look for the letters ATR (Third Party Network Access)."

1. What do access rates depend on?

In the case of electricity, your access rate mainly depends on the power you have contracted and your consumption.

The access rate affects both the fixed term (powerand the variable term (consumption). If you are in the regulated market (PVPC rate), the cost will be stated separately. If you are in the free market, it will be included in the price per kW of power and kWh of consumption.







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2. Do you have any choice?

You cannot choose your access fee. One of the following will apply to you, based on the power rating you have contracted.

  •  Power under 10 kW: 2.0 access rate
  • Power from 10 kW to 15 kW: 2.1 access rate
  • Power above 15 kW (low voltage): 3.0 access rate

The vast majority of homes (including yours in all probability) have a 2.0 access rate. As the contracted power increases, the rate number increases and, of course, the price with it.

3. Does hourly discrimination affect anything?

Yes. All the aforementioned access rates may or may not have hourly discrimination. How can I tell? It is very simple. Look at the letters that follow the rate type –

  • if hourly discrimination is not applied, there will be an A after the number (2.0A and 2.1A).
  • If there is hourly discrimination over two periods (peak and off-peak rates), the letters DHA will appear after the number (2.0DHA and 2.1DHA)
  • If there is hourly discrimination over three periods (peak, off-peak and super off-peak), DHS will appear after the number (2.0DHS and 2.1DHS)

The exception is the 3.0A rate, which always has three periods (peak, mid and off-peak).

"Almost all households have the 2.0 access rate, with hourly discrimination in two periods (2.0DHA) or without (2.0A)."

4. Our commitment is to ensuring service quality

Maintaining and improving the grid is essential in order to guarantee the continuity of supply and the safety of the facilities. Constant work that we carry out tirelessly in the regions in which Endesa operates as a distributor.

We are responsible for the upkeep of the fire breaks in the forests where the high voltage lines run, as well as undertaking exhaustive inspections on all our facilities – high, medium and low voltage lines, substations, protection and remote control systems, distribution centres etc.

We also invest in the study, development and application of new technologies and in ensuring that our technicians receive the best possible training.

All this, so that electricity reaches your house without any power cuts and without you having to worry about a thing.

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