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How to change a lamp: everything you need to know

Removals, changes in decoration, new lighting needs at home, faults, etc. At some time, you’ve had to deal with changing or installing a lamp.

Before starting, keep in mind that although models are very varied, the dynamics are very similar. Here are some tips for changing or installing a lamp, whether it's for the ceiling or wall.

Tools, materials and general safety measures

Next, we list what you will need to carry out this job:

  • A ladder: if it is a ceiling lamp or a light fitting high up on the wall, it is necessary to be able to do this task safely and comfortably
  • A drill, drill bits and wall plugs: check that you have the right drill bits for your type of ceiling or wall. If the wall or ceiling is solid, you will need a number 5 drill bit and wall plugs. However, if it is plaster or plasterboard (that is, if it is plastered, etc.), you will need smaller bits and wall plugs or you can even use specific solutions for these materials. Some people even prefer to use a powerful glue to fix a lamp or light fitting to the wall.
  • Terminal blocks: to connect cables safely. If you are going to uninstall a lamp, it is a good idea to leave the cables well protected in a terminal block.
  • Wire stripper: to be able to connect the wires properly.
  •  Electrician's pliers: to cut excess cables and make joins.
  • Electrician's gloves: to protect your hands.
  • Electrician's glasses: to protect your eyes.

Check that the lamp or light fitting you are going to install has all its parts, including fixing plates with their corresponding screws. Assemble or disassemble the necessary parts to proceed with their installation, always following the manufacturer's instructions.

"Check that the lamp or light fitting you are going to install has all its parts".

Once you have reached this point, it is a good idea to remind yourself of the importance of safety in any electrical job you carry out in your home. The first thing you must do is disconnect the electric panel of your home. Depending on your electrical installation, you can cut it off by rooms or sectors, or you will have to disconnect the electric panel by flicking the automatic general circuit breaker switch (IGA - Interruptor General Automático) on the electric panel. Check that there is no electrical current before starting to change or install the lamp.

How to change or install a lamp

You may be faced with three scenarios:

  1. A lamp that is already installed which you want to replace. In that case, use the screwdriver to remove the lamp and proceed to disconnect it, leaving a terminal block on the cables for safety. Check the fastening system in case you can take advantage of some of the holes for the new installation. It may be the case that the old lamp has left marks that can be seen once the new one is installed: use a little filler and paint to touch up and repair this.
  2. A bulb-holder. Remove the bulb-holder and, for the moment, leave a terminal block on for safety.
  3. Cables. Sometimes these cables are too long to install the lamp. In that case, you will have to cut them with the electrician's pliers until they fit perfectly. If the wall or ceiling is made of plaster, you can hide them inside or even camouflage the cable in the lamp trim.

Once the cables are ready, you can continue.

Hold the plate or holder/bracket to the wall or ceiling with your hand and mark with a pencil the place where you are going to drill the holes. Proceed to drill with the corresponding drill bit. Now, push the wall plugs into place. Fix the holder, if it is independent of the lamp. If not, connect it and then fix it.

How to connect up

You will see there are three types of cable:

  • Blue: for the neutral wire
  • Yellow or green (depending on the manufacturer): for the ground (earth) wire
  • Black, brown or grey (depending on the manufacturer): for the phase (live) wire

A safe way to wire up the lamp cables is to do it by looking at the colours of your previous installation, making sure that you change each wire with its equivalent of the same colour.

"Safely wire up the cables of the lamp with the corresponding ones of your installation, making sure that you do so with the equivalent of the same colour".

Once you have wired up the lamp, proceed to fix it to the holder or plate. Using a screwdriver, screw it in. Check the firmness of the plate, holder or bracket.

To finish this job, fit the bulbs. Choose the correct power rating and intensity of light, taking into account the type of socket and the manufacturer's recommendations. Remember the advantages of using LED bulbs, they are much more efficient. Finally, place the corresponding lampshades or trims on.

On your electric panel, switch on the current again and check if your lamp works correctly and if it fulfils the function you expected of it.

If you have to get rid of the old lamp and its bulbs, go to a waste facility.

A technician at your disposal

On many occasions, installing or changing lamps and light fittings can present setbacks and cause concerns. In addition, not all of us have the skills or abilities to carry out these types of jobs at home. Before putting ourselves in danger, leaving the job half done or carrying out a faulty installation, it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional. So that you always have a technician at your disposal, quickly and effectively, Endesa offers you OKLuz Assist.

This service includes assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from a professional who will take care of unlimited repairs to your electrical installation.

Whenever needed, this expert will be at your disposal, coming to visit your home for free, within a maximum period of 3 hours. With OKLuz Assist you will have one white range appliance repair a year and a repair of your electric water heater. In addition, you will have two electrical handyman services per year, three hours each, which include electrical installation and replacement work. Thanks to OKLuz Assist you won't have to worry about installing a lamp or light fitting, or changing a plug or a switch.

Our team of qualified technicians is backed by strict quality controls with the Endesa guarantee.

If you are an Endesa customer, enjoy the first year of OKLuz Assist at a very special price: only €2.55 per month. Pay it comfortably as part of your electricity bill. Discover now all the advantages of this service and contract it at 900 85 86 85 or on our website.

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