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Energy Saving and Environment

The 21st of October is World Energy Conservation Day. Not only superheroes can save the world. You can too. By combating energy wastage, you are joining the battle to save Planet Earth that we can only win. Will you join us?

I bet when you were little (and not so little) you dreamt about becoming a superhero. But you don’t need to squeeze into tights and wear a cape to save the world. We can all be everyday little heroes. And in the simplest way possible; by saving energy.

You have to imagine that your great enemy is called Climate Change and its malevolent plan includes droughts, flooding, unbreathable air… Human beings have never faced anything like this before. This super-villain is gaining ground and, if we don’t do something to stop it, our descendants will have to abandon Earth in search of new worlds to colonise.

If Stephen Hawking has said it and NASA are already working on it, it must be serious.

Together we can defeat Climate Change and leave a good footprint in this world. Listen to us. We can win this battle. In fact: we can only win it. If we lose, that's it, turn out the lights, it’s over. And at Endesa, we are more amount turning the lights on rather than turning them off.


It's up to you to save the world

How can you become a saviour of the planet? You don’t have to be able to climb up walls. Or be a millionaire like Bruce Wayne.

With small changes you will be helping to save all the trees and little animals on Earth. And humanity, of course. Even that neighbour you can’t stand. Yes, him as well.

7 tips to be applied 7 days a week:

  • Disconnect all the electrical appliances you don’t use. Devices, even when switched off, are still using power. It is what Endesa calls “phantom consumption”. A bad habit that entails totally unnecessary polluting emissions. Forget about your TV standby mode, unplug your mobile phone charger and switch off the lights or the computer when you are not going to be using them. Bu clicking the switch, you will be helping a bear cub to grow up strong and healthy on the Picos de Europa mountain range.
  • Dry your clothes outdoors. We live in one of the countries with the most hours of sunshine in Europe. Tumble driers generate a huge amount of CO2. Think that the Sun King is your best ally when it comes to getting rid of stains on your clothes.
  • Use low consumption lightbulbs. These lightbulbs are more expensive but they use less energy. Think that the energy used for lighting represents about 12-16% of your household’s total energy consumption. With these types of lightbulbs, you will save up to 80% of your electrical energy and they last 8 times longer.
  • Set your thermostat to 20ºC in winter and 26ºC in summer. For every degree that you increase your heating in winter or very every degree that you lower your air conditioning in summer, your consumption will increase by around 7%. More electricity, more resources, fewer trees, fewer squirrels. Think about them before touching your thermostat.
  • Low consumption electrical appliances.Do you need to buy a new washing machine? A refrigerator? Before getting your cheque book out, check to see if the one you like is a low consumption one. We normally look at the price, the power and the durability and we forget to see if it is efficient and environmentally-friendly.Class A+++models use 45% less energy compared with class D models. You have just saved a small deer.
  • Keep your house well insulated. Wait! We don’t mean barricading the front door or hammering boards to the windows. We simply mean closing doors and windows when you have the heating or air conditioning on. You can also use heat insulation techniques to maintain your home’s natural heat. A well-insulated house can save between 50% and 90% on heating and air conditioning.
  • Use a moderate temperature to wash your clothes. A washing machine uses 11.8% of your household’s energy. Ideally you should use short programmes and use a cold wash cycle whenever possible. Furthermore, if your washing machine is not equipped with an adjustable load system, you should only use it when it is full and at a low or moderate temperature, since heating the water accounts for most of the energy used. Also, use it during night time hours. Therefore, Endesa offers different tariffs for you to save on your daily consumption.

If you follow all these tips you will become a first-class Endesa saviour. And your list of merits won’t only include having saved a few euros on your bill. There will also be room for the day you helped build the future.

“Using less energy saves you a few euros. And adds years of life to the planet.”
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