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Rights and Obligations

Defend your rights, know your obligations.

Registering for an electricity supply implies certain rights and obligations for the consumer. Here we will outline them for you.


Consumer Rights

  • Receive advice about the most suitable rates and capacities when signing up, as well as advice regarding the rest of the contract conditions.
  • Receive the continuous mode supply.
  • Billing based on the actual consumption made.
  • Send us your complaint about a matter. 


Consumer Obligations

  • To be the contract-holder for supply given that this is personal and that the contract-holder must be the effective user of the energy.
  • Ensure that the power actually used does not exceed the power contracted, without prejudice to the obligation of installing the Power Control Switch in your home.
  • Have protection systems in your home's electricity installation or receivers to protect against the effects of current surges and short-circuits.
  • Maintain, conserve and make good use of your installation and the measurement and control equipment.
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