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Ask Google your questions about Endesa

The latest technology for customer service.

Voice virtual assistants are revolutionizing customer service. These are smart engines that find answers to your questions. To communicate with you, they use discrete loudspeakers that incorporate a microphone (or even your own smartphone).

Many of the leading brands in technology have launched their own assistant. The Internet search giant has Google Assistant, which is pre-installed in all Android phones and is capable of answering your questions with all the answers it holds, thanks to its powerful algorithm.

However, asking about the weather or traffic, which are public data, is very different from asking about your electricity and gas bills.


Talk to Endesa

If you are an Endesa customer, via your private area within endesaclientes, you can communicate with Google Assistant. You just have to say the words "talk to Endesa" and everything will start working.

Completely free of charge, you can ask your questions and obtain maximum information about your energy consumption.

What you can ask Google:

  • How much did you last bill come to? The first step in controlling your consumption is discovering when you're going above it.
  • Have you already paid all your bills?
  • How can I save?
  • And all kinds of queries regarding your Endesa bills and contracts, such as, for example, knowing what your contract number or your CUPS.

Log in to Endesaclientes

For Google to answer questions about your Endesa bills and contracts, you have to enter your Private Area within endesaclientes. If you are an Endesa customer, but still have no user name, sign up here. If you are registered but do not remember your details, you can recover your password or your username

Ask whatever you want

How much electricity did you use last month? How much will it cost you? Google Assistant can give you all the answers. You just have to ask.

Remember that you need to be an Endesa customer (either for electricity, gas or maintenance products).