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Endesa is launching the customer service for people with hearing disabilities

We are leaders in innovation at the service of people. We put the latest technology at the service of our clients with hearing impairment. We listen to everyone, we respond to each one.

Once again, Endesa is putting people at the centre of its strategy. We are the first electricity supplier to open a totally accessible telephone service channel for customers with hearing disabilities. This has been possible thanks to our active commitment to the inclusive policies and promotion of diversity.

Our diversity and inclusion policy is based on recognising that specific characteristics of every single person are key to engaging in a deeper relationship with each other and to fuel the energy of teamwork, thus improving our quality of life.


How it works

The technological solution is a cell phone app capable of transforming voice into text and vice versa. It does so in real time and through VoIP.

This app has been developed by the start-up, Pedius. As part of our open Innovation strategy, Endesa is continuously searching for high potential start-ups with which it can develop innovative solutions.

  1. Call: the user dials the toll-free number: 937 061 555. Telephone service from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 7 pm. On the other side of the line, there is a specialised consultant to answer your questions.
  2. Ask: the user will be able to write their question by using the keypad on their cell phone. The text will be transformed into an artificial voice (text-voice function) which will be heard by the consultant. If you prefer, the user can also express themselves with their own voice.
  3. Converse: the consultant will respond with their voice, which will be transformed into text (speech-to-text function) and immediately read by the user.

This way, people with hearing disabilities will be able to maintain a flexible and effective conversation with the Endesa consultants.

Pedius can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the Apply App Store:

"Endesa's customer service number for deaf people is 937 061 555."
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