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Information for families struggling to pay their bills

To reduce the cost of your electric bill you can apply for a Social Rate, a discount of between 25% and 40% (depending on your circumstances) on your invoice. This discount is only applied to the regulated market rate (VPSC) and can only be requested for the habitual place of residence.

Who can apply for Social Rate discount?

Click here for information on requirements and documentation needed.

If you live in Catalonia and you are struggling to pay your bills, what can you do?

We work together with Social Services in all the municipalities and regions of Catalonia. In this regard, if you would like to split your bill into several payments or defer the payment of a bill, you should contact Social Services in your municipality as we have established specific customer service channels designed to provide a personalised solution for each family situation.

Furthermore, if you receive a notice informing you that your supply will be cut off, you should contact Social Services who shall verify, if applicable, your personal economic vulnerability situation, which will enable you to process the suspension of the supply interruption.