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Efficient energy management can mean for a company, in addition to economic savings, the adoption of a more environmentally friendly model based on emission reduction.

Fifty per cent of Spanish firms could improve their energy behaviour and save up to one in four euros on their electricity bills. This was illustrated in the Barcelona Aquarium, where we developed an energy efficiency project which accounted for annual energy consumption savings of 70%: one hundred thousand euros per year and the reduction of over three hundred thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

But, how can firms save money on their electricity bills? By implementing an appropriate energy management and responsible consumption strategy, firms can save money which, in turn, will result in a more environmentally-friendly organisation by reducing emissions.


Are you aware of the potential savings of firms?

At Endesa, we have presented the 2nd Report on the Energy Behaviour of Spanish Firms and we concluded that one in two firms could improve their energy behaviour, while only 18% have energy efficiency improvement measures in place. This second edition was carried out based on the analysis of real data measured between 2014-2017 in 2,224 firms across Spain.

Did you know that 74% of the firms analysed have identified measures with potential energy savings of more than 20%? This figure accounts for financial savings which, for 20% of the firms analysed, could be more than 2,000 euros per year.

But this is not just about financial benefits: the firms can also improve in terms of the environment and reduce CO2 emissions by 23% compared with the data from the previous edition and depending on the relevant sector.


Energy efficiency measures and plans

We believe in efficiency in the energy behaviour of organisations and, therefore, they need to know what their own energy consumption is, and they need to incorporate this into their strategic approach as a competitive factor.

Do you want to know which are the most beneficial measures? Our aim is to provide a consumption analysis that enables the necessary measures to be implemented to save money on bills and reduce emissions. Therefore, we have provided firms with the website.

This website offers services such as our energy management service (SGE), offering the possibility of having a team of experts monitor the organisation's energy consumption 365 days a year. Once the information has been obtained, it is analysed and an in-depth report is provided. By obtaining this information, we can propose the most suitable energy efficiency measures for each firm.

Some of the easiest energy saving measures that firms can implement are as follows:

  • Adjusting their contracted power.
  • Adjusting the tariff to work habits.
  • Eliminating hidden consumption.
  • Detecting unusual consumption.
  • Implementing energy efficiency practices and raising awareness among employees.
  • Designing efficiency plans.

Our commitment as an energy ally continues, with 5 main targets that enable us to understand the needs of organisations: knowing real energy consumption figures, analysing these, designing and implementing personalised projects and guaranteeing savings and quality.

We want to work with organisations to continue building relationships that enable us to know and analyse each situation and guarantee the best solutions. A chance to prove that investing in energy efficiency is and will continue to be increasingly profitable.

Endesa Energy Report on the Behaviour of Spanish Companies 2017 (Spanish version)

PDF (3.09MB) Download

Endesa Energy Report on the Behaviour of Spanish Companies 2017 by sectors (Spanish version)

ZIP (0.47MB) Download

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