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Data Talent 2019

Event details

April 4

Palacio de la Prensa de Madrid

Data Talent 2019 is one of the events of reference that gathers together multiple people interested in Advanced Analytics, Intelligent Systems and Data Skills. More than 600 accredited people had the opportunity to listen to interesting talks from experts in Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, AI, and discuss with companies attending their interests, projects and work opportunities in these areas.

Endesa, within its policies for Employer Branding and as an energy company of reference in data management, had the opportunity together with colleagues from Personas & Organizacion to chat with several attendees at the event, with the purpose of explaining and highlighting the different projects underway globally to become a Data Driven Company.

Various attendees showed special interest in Endesa projects and work opportunities inside the company, whereby they were encouraged to take part in the multiple recruitment processes currently underway.

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