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Ordinary General Meeting 2011

Comprehensive information about the General Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders 2011, held on 9 May 2011.


Results of the General Meeting

PDF (0.14MB) Download

Agenda and proposal of agreements

Call and agenda

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Proposal of agreements

PDF (11.48MB) Download

Corporate governance report 2010

2010 Annual Corporate Governance Report

PDF (0.35MB) Download

Auditors’ report on information relating to the System for Internal Control over Financial Reporting (SICFR) of the Endesa Group for fiscal year 2010 (KPMG Auditores, S.L.)

PDF (0.34MB) Download

Explanatory Report over Management Report (Article 116 of the Spanish Securities Market Law)

PDF (10.97MB) Download

Annual Report on Director’s compensation

PDF (11.33MB) Download

Activities report by the audit and compliance commitee fiscal year 2010

PDF (11.06MB) Download

Annual Report 2010 Activities

PDF (3.63MB) Download

Annual Report for 2010

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Documentation available to the shareholders - Ordinary General Meeting 2011

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Practical information on the operation of the board

Frequently asked questions

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Voting and remote delegation rules

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Shareholders'right to information

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Legal Documentation

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Internal regulations on Shareholders' Meetings

Amendments to Corporate Bylaws to adapt to latest legislative reform

PDF (11.52MB) Download

Amendments to General Meeting Regulation to adapt to latest legislative reform shareholder

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Shareholder Information Office

Ribera del Loira, 60. 28042 Madrid

You can consult the documentation in accessible version for people with visual limitations through the following link (only in Spanish version).


Shareholder Information Office

Ribera del Loira 60. 28042 Madrid - Spain