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Shareholder's right to information


Article 9.3 of the General Meeting Regulations establishes that from the day of publication of the call for the General Meeting and until and including the fifth day before the meeting scheduled for the first call, the shareholders may submit written requests for such information or clarifications they deem necessary, or submit written questions on the matters included in the agenda of the call, information accessible to the public provided by the Company to the National Stock Market Commission since the last General Meeting and about the auditor's report.

All these requests for information may be delivered to the registered office or sent to the Company by post or other means of electronic or remote telematic communication to the address specified in the corresponding announcement of the call. Requests for information will be acceptable when sent in electronic documents bearing the recognised electronic signature used by the applicant, or another type of electronic signature which, by means of an agreement adopted for that purpose, the Board of Directors considers gives suitable guarantees of authenticity and identification of the shareholder exercising such right to information. The shareholder is responsible for obtaining proof that the request has been sent to the company in a timely fashion.

The directors must provide the information requested according to the preceding paragraph in the manner and within the deadlines provided by Law, unless that information is necessary to protect shareholders' rights, or there are objective reasons to consider that it could be used for purposes external to the company or its disclosure may be damaging to the Company or related companies. The requested information cannot be denied when the request is supported by shareholders representing at least a quarter of the capital.

Responses to shareholders will be issued by agreement of the Board of Directors or, where appropriate, by any of the directors, by the Secretary of the Board, or by any person expressly authorised to do so.

Valid requests for information, clarifications or questions submitted in writing and written answers from the directors will be published on the Corporate website.

If the information requested is available in a clear, express and direct manner to all shareholders on the Company's website in a question-answer format before a specific question is submitted, the directors may limit their response to referring the applicant to that information.

Likewise, section 4 establishes that notwithstanding the shareholder’s right to information before the General Meeting referred to in section 3 above, once the General Meeting has been convened, the shareholders, providing their identity as such and through the Shareholders’ Office or through the Company's website, may submit written comments or suggestions about the matters on the agenda. These comments or suggestions will not be reported to the General Meeting, although the Board of Directors may take them into account and shareholders are entitled to take part in the debates at the General Meeting in accordance with the law.

You can contact us to exercise your right to information as a shareholder at General Meetings using the following contact form.