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In Galicia, Endesa installs Spain’s first charging stations on a wind farm


Endesa, through Enel Green Power Spain (EGPE), has equipped four of its Galician wind farms with charging points for electric vehicles. They are the first charging points at wind farms in Spain. At a later stage, EGPE will install these infrastructures throughout its farms in order to be able to provide for the company’s cars, in light of the fact that 30% of its current corporate fleet is made up of hybrid and electric cars.

These first four farms are Touriñán IV, in Aranga, and Castelo, in Coristanco, and Tordoia (both in the province of Coruña), Couto de San Sebastián, in Silleda (Pontevedra), and Careón, in Palas de Rei (Lugo). The equipment was installed by Endesa X, Endesa's new business line that offers added-value services and innovative technological solutions in the world of energy, such as electric mobility. 

The use of electric vehicles on wind farms reinforces the sustainability of this type of energy generation facility, given that it prevents greenhouse gas emissions in areas of environmental interest inhabited by wildlife.

Endesa is aware of the energy challenges that society is facing and promotes electricity as an energy vector that is capable of reconciling the increasingly demanding environmental and efficiency requirements for citizens’ energy needs. 

In this regard, electric mobility is essential in the energy transition and in the decarbonisation process that our economy is experiencing. In 2017, transport was responsible for 26% of the GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions in Spain, which makes it the activity with the most emissions.

Overcoming this challenge requires encouraging society to commit to changing certain consumer habits in favour of more sustainable ones. Endesa attempts to contribute to this change, both through relations with its customers and within the company, by promoting the electrification of its corporate fleet and its employees’ vehicles.

Thus, the company has the objective of electrifying half of its corporate fleet (operating, commercial and representation) within three years. This means that by 2021, it will have over 400 purely electric vehicles incorporated into it, and approximately 600 hybrids that will allow for a savings on emissions into the atmosphere of 1,779 tonnes of CO2. Endesa has quadrupled the number of purely electric vehicles in its fleet since 2010, reaching a total of 100 electric vehicles, which, combined with the 529 hybrid cars, represent nearly 30% of the corporate fleet.

The company’s employees are also involved in this push for sustainable transport. Endesa just launched the fifth edition of its Electric Mobility Plan for Employees to promote the use of electric vehicles in Spain. The objective of this Plan is to add 200 employees to the 663 workers already ascribed to the previous Plans. Thus, within 5 years, it will have achieved 10% of its staff having committed to electric mobility in their private lives.

In addition, by 2023, Endesa X will have executed the most ambitious plan to promote electric mobility that has ever been implemented in Spain, with an investment of 65 million euros: 108,000 public and private charging points for electric cars in the next five years, of which more than 8,500 points will be of public access.

Endesa now has 461 charging points in its offices and generation plants. In the headquarters of Madrid, Zaragoza and Seville, there are also exclusive parking lots for electric vehicles, with access to semi-fast and fast chargers.


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