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Half of Endesa’s vehicle fleet will be electrified in three years

Parking for electric cars at the Endesa headquarters in Madrid
Parking for electric cars at the Endesa headquarters in Madrid

 Endesa currently has 104 vehicles that are 100% electric in its fleet (operating, commercial and representation) and 545 hybrids, which together represent 31.5% of the total. 

• Endesa’s commitment to the electrification of its fleet of vehicles forms part of the company’s Sustainable and Safe Mobility Plan, which contains 23 actions to encourage sustainable mobility among employees, fleets, providers, customers and in society in general.

Half of Endesa’s corporate fleet (operating, commercial and representation) will be electrified within three years. This is the company’s objective within its Sustainable Mobility Plan as an example of its commitment to promoting a new culture of energy based on the electrification of demand and efficient and responsible consumption. Therefore, in 2021, the company will have incorporated into its fleet over 400 pure electric vehicles and around 600 hybrids that will allow for a saving of atmospheric emissions of 1,779 tonnes of CO2. 

“In 2008, Endesa was a pioneer in this type of action, introducing 450 hybrid vehicles (non-plug-in) for commercial tasks. Thanks to that, the constant streamlining of its fleet and the commitment to electrification, we are working so that in the 2020-2021 time frame, half of our fleet will be electrified”, affirmed Pablo Samaura, Endesa’s Fleet Manager. 

Endesa currently has 104 purely electric (PV) vehicles in its fleet and 545 hybrids, which together represent 31.5% of the total. 

Sustainable and Safe Mobility Plan

The commitment to the electrification of its fleet forms part of the company’s Sustainable and Safe Mobility Plan, which contains 23 actions to encourage sustainable mobility among employees, fleets, providers, customers and in society in general.

Besides electrifying its fleet, other notable actions include the Electric Mobility Plan for Employees, the installation of devices to improve efficiency and safety in the fleet’s vehicles, “car e-sharing”, “car pooling”, training in efficient and safe driving, promoting time flexibility measures and working remotely, a public transport card for employees, promoting technological solutions to avoid transportation to work meetings, extending the supply chain of the commitment to Endesa’s sustainable and safe mobility, and the supply of electrical mobility products and services to customers.

Individual electric mobility plan for employees

Endesa is about to launch the fifth edition of its Electric Mobility Planfor Employees. Thanks to the four first editions, 7.5% of the staff (663 employees) individually drive around the cities and roads of Spain with zero emissions. The objective is for employees who have adopted the Plan to represent 10% of the staff by 2020.

All editions of the Plan include agreements with different manufacturers of electric cars, with the possibility of choosing between different models, all 100% electric and with increasingly higher approved autonomies. In addition, the company has offered its employees and the general public facilities to purchase a domestic charging point by means of the Integral Electric Vehíicle Solution  that enables its installation, maintenance, guarantee and financing. 

The Plan also features the installation of a recharging infrastructure at the company’s main headquarters (461 recharging points in six headquarters). At the corporate work sites of Madrid, Zaragoza and Seville there is also an exclusive electric vehicle car park with access to semi-fast chargers. There is also a fast charging point valid for any model of vehicle with which the employee can charge 80% of battery in under 20 minutes.

Electric mobility plan for the representation fleet:

Within this overall plan of transforming the corporate fleet, also notable is the plan to electrify the fleet of representation vehicles of the managerial team, which currently affects 211 cars and that was implemented in 2016. 

To date, 45% of this fleet is comprised of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The objective is that within three years, 7 of every 10 vehicles of this team are hybrids or 100% electric.  

Promotion of the Car e-sharing service

Another of the initiatives launched by Endesa is corporate car sharing, which is a pool of electric vehicles provided to employees to carry out their duties in a sustainable, non-polluting, emissions-free way. Employees can access an online tool to book vehicles for hourly slots or even entire days.

This service is currently available in eight work centres and has 23 vehicles with a range of around 130 km, in the case of the first models, and 250 km for the new vehicles purchased in 2017. The number of vehicles and the extension of the service are expected to be expanded to other work centres this year and next.

The balance during the first years of implementing the service has been very positive. It has over 1,600 registered users to date, nearly 10,000 services carried out and over 320,000 km travelled, which is equivalent to emissions savings of over 55 tonnes of CO2. Among the aims sought it is expected to attain a ratio of 100,000 km and 150,000 km a year in 2019 and 2021, respectively. 

Mobility on 2 wheels

In addition, as a complement to the Car e-sharing service, Endesa has implemented in some of its work centres the “Mobility on 2 wheels” initiative, which consists of a pool of electrical bicycles and electric skateboards provided to all employees for their professional and individual use. To date, this service has been offered in the work centres of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Zaragoza. This service is expected to expand and spread to other work centres during 2019.

In addition, in the Barcelona work centre, with the objective of searching for an alternative mobility solution that facilitates the business’s activity, a pilot project has been implemented consisting of a pool of electric skateboards so that the Distribution technicians can carry out revision and maintenance tasks of the transformation centres located in the city’s historical district. 

Alternative mobility solutions for employees

In 2018, Endesa implemented other solutions to contribute to the sustainable mobility of employees, such as Comparte Coche (Car Sharing), a digital application so that users of the main work centres can share individual cars in their daily commute between home and the work centre.


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