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Endesa is to install 78 quick charging points in Gasexpress service stations

Electric vehicle charging station
  • The chargers will be available at 39 locations in Aragon, the Valencian Community, Castilla La Mancha, the Community of Madrid, Murcia Region and Castilla y León.
  • This agreement forms part of Spain's most ambitious electric vehicle charging infrastructure development plan, presented by Endesa,  which includes the installation of 8,500 public access charging points by 2023.
  • Gasexpress is a chain of automated service stations spread across the country that are equipped with the latest technology and open 24 hours a day.

Endesa X has reached an agreement with the Valencian network of Gasexpress service stations to install 78 fast electric vehicle chargers at its automated establishments. The chargers will be spread over 39 locations in six autonomous communities: Aragon, the Valencian Community, Castilla La Mancha, the Community of Madrid, Murcia Region and Castilla y León. All the charging points will be supplied by 100% renewable energy.

The agreement establishes the installation of fast technology chargers that allow the simultaneous recharging of two vehicles, one at 50 kW (DC) and the other at 22 kW (AC). These points allow 80% of the vehicle's battery capacity to be charged in about 35 minutes (depending on the percentage of the vehicle's previous charge and its characteristics).

Gasexpress customers, whether Endesa customers or not, can charge their vehicles in a very simple way. Users will need to have the Endesa X application, Juice Pass (available on IOs and Android), to activate the service and begin the process.  It will not be necessary to register to use the app, since it will also be possible to charge and pay each time with a credit card.

Creating a profile on the application and registering with JuicePass has several advantages for customers: the process is expedited; detailed information on the charging point, prices,operating hours and booking is available; charging information can be monitored in real time and the history of charges and invoices accessed; and there are discounts on the charging price.

“This agreement with Endesa is highly satisfactory for our company, we are excited to have a partner of this magnitude and, in this way, increase the services we offer in our national network of automated service stations,” says Jorge Pomar, Co-founder of Gasexpress.

For Josep Trabado, the general director of Endesa X, “thanks to this agreement with Gasexpress, we continue to demonstrate with actions that we are on the right track in our goal of ensuring that any driver, wherever they are, will be able to travel freely throughout the entire country in an electric vehicle before the end of this year”.


Endesa X: developing public access infrastructure

This collaboration agreement with Gasexpress allows Endesa X to advance in its plan to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which aims to install more than 36,000 across Spain by 2022. Of these, 8,500 points will be publicly accessible, and the rest will be for individuals and businesses. Endesa will invest a total of €65 million in this Plan, which is the most ambitious in Spain.

In the first phase of the project (2019-2020), Endesa X will establish a network of 2,000 public-access charging points strategically located to cover the 15,000 kilometres of main roads in Spain and connect cities of more than 35,000 people. This means drivers will always have a charging point within 100 kilometres and will ensure that 75% of the population has public charging infrastructure in their municipality.

In a second stage (between 2021 and 2023), another 6,500 new charging points will be installed, providing greater  charging infrastructure coverage in urban areas and the main strategic communication nodes, both on the mainland and the islands.

To achieve this goal, Endesa X is reaching agreements with different partners, such as Gasexpress, thanks to which about 1,500 charging points are already underway, agreed and in the installation phase throughout Spain.


Gasexpress: a new service station format

Gasexpress is a Valencian chain of automated service stations. It is currently one of the largest operators nationwide and the precursor to a new format for service stations, developed with the highest technology and with the main philosophy of offering quality fuel at the best price, 24 hours a day in an accessible, fast and simple way, thus adapting to consumers' current lifestyle.

Gasexpress began its activity in 2014 when it opened its first petrol station and since then its expansion plan has not stopped growing. At the moment, its network is made up of more than 40 petrol stations and over 100 employees, reaching a turnover of €110 million in 2019.


Press release in PDF

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