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Endesa X’s digital, smart and connected city model at Greencities 2021

  • The Greencities Urban Intelligence and Sustainability Forum kicks off its 12th edition tomorrow in Malaga. Greencities is the meeting point for all the stakeholders who take part in the construction of Smart Cities. This forum, a shared initiative between institutions, municipalities, companies and professionals focused on the projection of sustainable and smart cities, is the place to go to talk about cities of the future.
  • As the event's Gold sponsor, Endesa X performs the role of a technological partner for cities in terms of energy efficiency, electric mobility, digitalisation, and sustainability.
  • This event will showcase projects and services such as #eCityMálaga to implement a Circular City model of the future in Malaga TechPark that will be sustainable, eco-efficient, 100% renewable, with electric and digital mobility by 2027.

Discussions will be centred on the future of cities, as required by the residents in the here and now, at the Urban Intelligence and Sustainability Forum, which starts tomorrow in Malaga.

We know that Europe is 70% urban, and as a result, cities are the largest users of resources and generators of waste and emissions, contributing significantly to the worldwide environmental problem.

According to projections, 70 percent of the world's population will be living in cities by 2050, and in Europe the percentage will be 80%. So it is in cities where we have the best chance to turn things around. Innovative solutions are needed for the smart cities of the future.

A smart city is more than electronic administration or rolling out sensors across the city. All Smart Cities pursue energy efficiency and the use of information technology to provide the best possible service to their inhabitants.

Using a platform of digitalised infrastructures and new services, Endesa X's B2G business unit assists public administrations and local councils in electrification and energy efficiency operations. We help administrations make cities of any size more sustainable and liveable. Endesa X acts as a municipal infrastructure operator, providing integrated value-added solutions for a variety of energy-related services. Examples are: smart street lighting, architectural lighting, electric public transport, smart city solutions, smart street furniture and digital services.

Endesa X is committed to a new model for our cities: one that is more sustainable, smarter, more digital and more connected.

At our stand in the trade fair, we will be showcasing all the options to visitors, and we will take part in two of the round tables scheduled for the 30th of September: “Mobility as a Service, multimodality and micromobility” and “Green and digital transition and decarbonization”.

“In the language of Endesa X, smart cities are more efficient, more liveable, more sustainable and more digital, and it is our role to help cities complete this transition process. We have a portfolio of services that provide public administrations with an ecosystem of closely interrelated solutions that transform energy management into new opportunities for citizens”, says Davide Ciciliato, managing director of Endesa X.

One example is the #eCityMálaga project, recently presented together with Málaga TechPack and Málaga City Council, thanks to which Málaga TechPark will be the first urban space to apply the criteria of future circular cities, in order to transform this environment of technological innovation into a benchmark in sustainability by 2027, more than two decades ahead of the United Nations' climate and energy goals for 2050.  

The result will be an eco-efficient city that makes better use of resources; which is renewable, through self-consumption systems, solar-powered car parks, electric mobility, and smart grids that enable local and shared use; which is innovative, in terms of the design and implementation of solutions for reducing, reusing, and recycling materials; and which is digital, through collaborative platforms to improve the use-based model (as against ownership); and in general which improves people's wellbeing.

Greencities 2021 will chart the course for the future and expand on the blueprint for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the 2030 agenda, to which Endesa and Endesa X are deeply committed. A total of 200 cities were represented in the 2019 edition, making it a one-of-a-kind gathering for the potential B2G public.


About Endesa

Endesa is the largest electricity company in Spain and the second largest in Portugal. The company is also the second largest gas operator in the Spanish market. Endesa operates an end-to-end business from generation to marketing and through Endesa X also offers value-added services aimed at the decarbonisation of energy uses in homes, companies, industries and public administrations. Endesa is firmly committed to the United Nations SDGs and therefore strongly supports the development of renewable energies through Enel Green Power España, the electrification of the economy and Corporate Social Responsibility. The Endesa Foundation is also active in this field. Our workforce numbers around 10,000 employees. Endesa is a division of Enel, Europe’s largest electricity group.

Endesa X provides innovative solutions that support the energy transition, turning the goals of decarbonisation and electrification into beneficial activities for cities, businesses and people in a constantly evolving world. With a strategy focusing on digitalisation and innovation, it provides an ecosystem of closely interconnected solutions that turn energy into new opportunities for a number of sectors: electric mobility, public and private energy efficiency, artificial intelligence services, data analysis and energy consulting. Endesa X designs, creates and provides modular commercial solutions that enable everyone to create new value thanks to the innovative use of energy. This approach focuses on the principles of sustainability and circular economy to offer households, administrations and companies an alternative model that respects the environment and integrates technological innovation in the daily lives of customers, which are the focus of the company's strategy. Endesa X is the Spanish and Portuguese division of Enel X, a world leader in the field of advanced energy solutions, managing flexibility services with around 6 GW of total capacity and 100 MW of installed storage capacity worldwide, also owning around 195,000 charging stations for electric vehicles worldwide.


About the Palladium Hotel Group

The Palladium Hotel Group is a Spanish hotel chain with 50 years' experience, owned by Grupo Empresas Matutes (GEM). The company has 48 hotels and more than 14,000 rooms distributed across six countries: Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Italy and Brazil and it operates 10 brands: TRS Hotels, Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts, Palladium Hotels, Palladium Boutique Hotels, Fiesta Hotels & Resorts, Ushuaïa Unexpected Hotels, Ayre Hotels, Only YOU Hotels, BLESS Collection Hotels and the Hard Rock Hotels brand under licence with two hotels in Ibiza and Tenerife. Palladium Hotel Group hotels are characterised by their philosophy of offering their customers a high level of quality in their products and services and excellent values. 


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