Endesa maintains its commitment to electric vehicle charging points in Spain for this year

Endesa X charging point
Endesa X charging point
  •  Despite the unprecedented health crisis, the company will install 2,000 public access charging points before the end of 2020.
  • Endesa’s plan involves the installation of 8,500 public access charging points in 2023, with a total investment of €65 million.
  • By the end of the year, drivers will always be able to count on an Endesa charging point being at a distance of less than 100 kilometres on the 15,000 kilometres of main roads that exist in Spain.

Endesa X continues to move forward with its expansion plan for public access electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Despite the unprecedented health crisis in our country, the company is making an extra effort to maintain its commitment to electric mobility  and with its objective of this year finishing with the first 2,000 public access charging points installed and available to users. 

Thus, the first phase of the recharging infrastructure development plan  that the company announced at the end of 2018 and that will allow us to travel around our country with ease in an electric car. “Despite the fact that all the charger installation processes have slowed down these weeks as a result of the effects of the pandemic on our country, we are continuing to work hard, adapting ourselves to the circumstances, to fulfil our commitment to having one charger every 100 km at year-end on our main roads. Maintaining investment commitments at this time is essential in order to contribute to the recovery of the Spanish economy", said Josep Trabado, CEO of Endesa X.


Recharging infrastructure plan

Endesa’s infrastructure development plan is developed in 2 differential phases:

2019/2020: in this first phase, the focus is on the road network and cities with more than 35,000 inhabitants. It is about covering the 15,000 km of main roads and offering coverage for recharging to 75% of the population. In this way, users will have an Endesa charging point at a distance of no more than 100 km and in the main urban areas of the country.

The 2,000 charging points will have different technologies:

-   Ultra fast recharging (350 kW). Mainly on major roads, it allows charging for 100 km in 3 minutes.

-   Fast recharging (50 kW). Mainly on roads, it allows charging for 100 km in 20 minutes.

-  Semi-fast recharging (22 kW). Mainly in urban areas, it allows charging for 100 km in 45 minutes.

2021-2023: the objective is to develop the growth of public recharging in line with the expected growth of electric mobility in Spain.

Endesa will install more than 6,500 new public access recharging points (in shopping malls, car parks, hotel chains, service areas, public roads, etc.) to accompany the growth of the electric vehicle market, providing greater infrastructure coverage to areas and the main strategic communication nodes, including the islands.

Since the implementation of the plan and thanks to the agreements reached so far with different partners, more than 1,500 public access charging points throughout the Spanish geography are already underway, agreed to or in the installation phase. 


Press release in PDF

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