Endesa, platinum medal in sustainability

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  • The independent international analyst Ecovadis has once again improved Endesa's rating, which has gone from “gold” to “platinum”, the highest distinction, after assessing its sustainability performance.
  • Endesa has obtained a score of 82 out of 100, in a ranking in which suppliers are evaluated on their sustainability so that buyers can use this information when making their decisions.
  • This recognition, resulting from analysis of the documentation provided by the company and different interest groups, once again demonstrates Endesa's firm commitment to sustainability.

Endesa has received the platinum medal in sustainability, the highest distinction, granted by the independent international analyst Ecovadis, after a new update in the analysis on its performance in this area (the last one was in July last year). As a result of this evaluation, Endesa has obtained the “platinum medal” in recognition of its leadership, with a total score of 82 out of 100, it was particularly strong in environmental aspects with a score of 90 points out of 100. This result is also a 6-point improvement on the last evaluation in August 2019, when the overall score was 76 out of 100, which then translated into a gold medal.                                                         

This score is the result of an extensive questionnaire that explores Endesa's sustainability performance, and also an evaluation of the documentary evidence submitted by the company to justify the answers. In addition to the documents provided by the company, information on the company provided by other stakeholders is also taken into account, these include NGOs, unions, international organisations and local authorities. This information is tracked through a tool that allows thousands of external sources to be integrated. For example, with this methodology it is possible to monitor companies against global sanctions lists, or to identify politically exposed companies.

This extensive evaluation allows the quality of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility management system to be analysed, through its policies, actions and results. To achieve this, Ecovadis assesses the different dimensions of sustainability: environment, labour practices and human rights, ethics, sustainable purchasing, as well as general aspects related to sustainability.

Obtaining the Ecovadis platinum medal is another example of Endesa's firm commitment to sustainability, which is evident in its policies, its daily activity and results. Endesa is determined to play an essential role in transforming the current energy model into a sustainable model based on the electrification of demand, with the electricity being generated from renewable and non-polluting sources. Based on this positioning, Endesa has drawn up its Strategic Plan for the period 2020-2022: with decarbonisation and electrification as trends in the sector that have determined the allocation of capital to infrastructure to facilitate the integration of renewable energies and the electrification of transport. The company has also invested in ecosystems and platforms that serve to lay the foundations for new businesses.

To fully understand a company's true impact, the Ecovadis evaluation structure adapts to each company according to its activity, size and the location of its activities. The questionnaire is, thus, tailored according to these parameters. In addition, for a medal to be awarded, the results for the previous three years cannot include any serious negative findings relating to environment, labour practices, human rights or sustainable acquisitions, nor relating to ethics in the last five years.

The incorporation of social, environmental and ethical aspects into the way a company manages its productive and commercial processes is increasingly important for customers when making their purchase decisions. For this reason, in recent years, there has been a growing demand for non-financial information by different interest groups, such as investors, customers, employees and society in general.

Ecovadis is a leading analyst whose analysis is particularly sought after by large clients and when accessing certain public tenders. Clients request an Ecovadis analysis of how their potential suppliers manage sustainability in order to incorporate this analysis into their supplier selection process. It was, therefore, at the request of a client that Ecovadis began this update of Endesa's performance analysis, which has resulted in the platinum medal for sustainability.


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