Endesa, the only Spanish energy company to be awarded the Spanish Climate Change Office triple seal a second time

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  • Having received the 'Calculate' and 'Reduce' seals in previous years, Endesa has been awarded the 'Compensate' seal by the Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC) for the second consecutive year for offsetting its carbon footprint.
  • This recognition has been granted thanks to the 'Endesa Forest' initiative for forest restoration, which has allowed the company to offset direct emissions from vehicles, the life cycle of their fuels and the waste associated with photovoltaic plants, making Endesa's photovoltaic generation system completely emission neutral.
  • Endesa has a proven track record in the decarbonisation of its activity, with a 66% reduction in its CO2 emissions since 2005. 

Endesa is the only company in the energy sector in Spain that has been awarded for two consecutive years the 'Calculate+Reduce+Compensate' triple seal for registering its Carbon Footprint.

These seals, granted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition's Spanish Climate Change Office, reward organisations that, on top of calculating their greenhouse gas emissions, also have a Emissions Reduction and Compensation Plan.

This recognition has been granted to Endesa for its commitment and effort in calculating its carbon footprint and, furthermore, taking things one step further and compensating it through the 'Endesa Forest' initiative, whose objective is the restoration of forests in degraded or burned areas by replanting native and resilient species.

Endesa has registered its carbon footprint since 2013 and has a proven track record on emission reduction in accordance with the criteria established by the Spanish Climate Change Office. Since registering its 2016 Footprint, it has been awarded the 'Calculate' and 'Reduce' seals. With the registration of its 2017 carbon footprint it was recognised with the 'Compensate' seal, a recognition that has been renewed with the registration of its 2018 carbon footprint, since the 'Endesa Forest' initiative has allowed offsetting emissions associated with vehicle fuel consumption, the life cycle of those fuels and the waste from the company's photovoltaic plants.

Endesa is the first company in the Spanish energy sector that has managed to renew those three Carbon Footprint Register seals for a second consecutive year.


What is the Carbon Footprint Register?

The Ministry's Carbon Footprint Register is an official register compiled by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, through the Spanish Climate Change Office (OECC). Companies can register voluntarily, and the register consists of three sections: carbon footprint and commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions; CO2 absorption projects; and carbon footprint compensation.

This registration allows companies to obtain a seal that reflects the efforts they are making to fight climate change. The seal covers three phases in the carbon footprint reduction strategy: Calculate, Reduce and Compensate, thus distinguishing between the organisations that calculate their carbon footprint, those that also reduce their emissions, and those that go further and offset part or all of their emissions.

The objective of this register is to contribute to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, to increase absorption by carbon sinks in the Spanish national territory and thus to facilitate compliance with international commitments assumed by Spain relating to climate change.

Endesa has a proven track record in the decarbonisation of its activity, with a 66% reduction in its CO2 emissions since 2005. This track record will maintain its trend thanks to the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan, which sets even more ambitious goals than the previous Strategic Plan, to achieve a 70% reduction in specific CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 2017.


Press release in PDF

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