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What is the VPSC with fixed annual price?

It is a price set by Reference Reseller Companies and you can find out what it is beforehand. Once contracted it is fixed for 12 months. This price may be more expensive but you know the price you are paying, so changes in your bill will depend only on how much you use. Once the 12 months are up, the price may vary, and in order to renew you must expressly request it once again.

The Fixed Price for all Reference Marketing Companies is published on the National Commission of Markets and Competition website.

This modality thus means that:

  •  Contracting is more complicated.
  •  Renewing is more complex.
  •  You have to keep the Fixed Price you choose for at least one year. You may be penalised if you ask to unsubscribe before the end of the year.
  •  You cannot take out additional products or services during that year.

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